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Moving Forward

There is tremendous human potential within us waiting for our discovery. Like the sea or the sun, there is a vast reservoir of energy within us that we are either not aware of or know not how to tap. States of consciousness are there whose powerful touch can liberate and transform our lives.

Yet all this lies unknown, unfelt except perhaps in moments of crisis when something other than ourselves emerges from within and takes charge of our life. It rises momentarily like a giant wave and, after the moment is gone, lapses back into some unseen ocean of self. We live like prisoners and slaves who know not our royal parentage. Our own strength is hid from our sight and we live like weaklings who must bow down to the twists and turns of fate.

But there is a greater destiny before us. Climbing beyond man we can enter, even possess these now little known territories of being. We can reclaim our godhead, recover our hidden Self. The road to this discovery is what is known as yoga. Not a spectacular show of body contortions, nor even techniques for breath and mind control but a deeper engagement with ourselves, a heightening of our self, an adventure within our inner domains. This is yoga and much more. Surely this century will see a greater exploration of this tremendous and now latent possibility.

A century of bhoga and roga (addiction to pleasures and its consequent illnesses) maimed us. It is now the turn of the healing potential of yoga to come to our rescue and not only heal us but reveal what untold glories lie unrecognised within us.

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