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Moving Forward

An ancient Veda and a Purana speak of the three steps of Vishnu. The first step extends between earth and heaven, the second between earth and the subconscient terrains below, and the third and penultimate step is on man himself. These three steps are actually steps of the soul’s self-discovery. At first the soul in us discovers itself in creation and the world from matter to mind, from earth to the stars. The second step discovers itself below the world of matter as forces and powers that create the sense or the illusion of concrete material forms and objects, the forces that govern his psychological states from some hidden springs below and behind his surface waking consciousness. But the third step is the discovery of himself, his own true self that lies behind the masks of his ego-personality.

The first two steps have been taken to some extent. But the third has just begun with an increasing interest in man’s exploration of his soul within. It is this crucial step that will in a way decide and determine the course of further human evolution. Mastering the material, vital and even psychological forces is not enough if man does not know who he truly is. Perhaps the time has now come when man must dive deep within his nature and discover the Source and core from where all emerge, by which all are sustained and evolve, and towards which all tend to return.

This century will well mark this discovery and with it man will gain true freedom and mastery over circumstances and the forces that weave his complex destiny and ill-understood fate.

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The three steps of Vishnu