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Moving Forward

Modern society has centred itself around the animal side of humanity. It glorifies the beast in us by accepting fear, suspicion and anger as normal as long as they don’t disrupt our ‘normal’ function. It glorifies ambition, lust for power, greed for food and obsession with looks. On the other hand it suppresses the authentic spiritual impulse and regards our nobler impulses as impractical idealism. Our modern psychology does no better. It looks upon man as a social animal modified in appearance but the same in his core, an animal under the skin of man.

Yet there is in man an intuition, a secret sense of his underlying divinity. It inspires him to explore beyond the boundaries of the known. It seeks to find expression in his highest works of art and literature and philosophy and religion. It keeps alive and burning in his heart a faith in things that are not but yet can be and must be.

This is the secret divinity in man of which we have remained unaware for long. But the time is coming when this secret divinity, the child within us, will begin to grow and assert itself. It is this secret divinity within that is providing the thrust for our next evolution. It is this that is our hope for the future. It is this that will change the way we think and act and above all our own understanding of who we are and why we are here.

Let this new-born child in man grow to its fullness and radiate its effulgence and shed its light everywhere and upon all things.

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