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Moving Forward

The movement of nature is never in a straight and simple line. It has sudden leaps when civilisations peak in knowledge and might, then an abrupt downward turn as a giant wave lapsing into some vast ocean from where all seems to emerge and collapse back. Yet each such downward slope carries within itself the seed and the potential of a higher and greater rise. But these risings and falls yet lead the world forwards in her relentless incessant march that spirals ascending upwards through all the upturns and downslides.

It is through these risings and falls that Nature advances joyously towards her goal that she always carries within her heart. Unlike what we believe today, Nature is not a mechanical unconscious energy but a conscious Force. It has a front that seems like a mechanical energy, but even there, one can get glimpses of an all-comprehending Wisdom that governs our life. Still, even as her stupendous leaps in the genius of our clay or the civilisations that once climbed in thought and spirit, her retrogressions are not less meaningful. She brings us back, pulling down the ramparts of our high-rise buildings because something has been left incomplete at the very base of our structures. When the time comes to recover or discover that something she brings us back to the fundamentals, where we question life and death and, through both, our self.

Earthly life and humanity seems to be passing through such an hour and though it has come with the façade of a pandemic, the question it raises is ever the same. It is about how we see ourselves, how we define ourselves, how we discover ourselves. In one word, it is the same eternal question of ‘Who am I?’ and depending upon the answer we give we shall move upwards or linger longer in the abysses that have right now opened before us.

The answer is well known but it needs great conviction, a great courage, a great aspiration and faith to say, “We are but God wearing a human mask. By shedding the mask of ignorance and death, we discover ourselves.”

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