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John the Healer


John the healer was a spiritual man. He had a wonderful practice, and he understood his science well. Many came to John and were healed; however, there were always a few who were not. But John was starting to feel uncomfortable; for you see, the new energy was upon him, and he knew the new age was here. John was uncomfortable for a number of reasons. The chief one was the fact that his healing practice was not as successful in his eyes as it had been. In other words, he was not at peace. He was having fewer and fewer healings on his table, and it made John question whether he should be a healer at all!

John would meditate often, for he was a powerful meditator. It guided his life, and he understood prayerful communication with God and listened intently to what God said in return. This had always worked before, and he knew it would work again. We’re going to let you in on the conversation between John, his guides, and his higher self. This will be enlightening for you and important for the story.

As soon as John sat down, his angel guides said, “Oh, John, hello! How are you?” (They were very familiar and friendly guides – as all are.) John ignored the activity and began his breathing ceremony (not hearing them). Moments later, John was ready, so he was prepared. His head and feet were in the right position. He was facing north. His hands were upright. “Oh, God,” John began, and his guides interrupted, “Hello, John, we love you!”

John said, “I need help. Nothing is working,” and he named the humans who had come to his healing table by name. He asked, “What about this one? I have been working on his back for so long, but nothing is happening!” He implored, I pray for help here. Heal this person. Make this happen… give me this… do these things.” He hardly knew what to ask for, there were so many requests.

And his angel guides replied, “Oh, John, WE LOVE YOU DEARLY! All of the power that you need is here, and we stand ready for you.” Then they gave him such an incredible wash of love that he knew he was in the presence of God.

John felt he had answers, and he believed that things were going to change. But the next time he saw the human with the back trouble, he realized that it had gotten worse. John did everything that he knew how to do, yet there was not healing. Back he went into his meditation with the same results. He would sit for a long time until he felt he was in the right position, and God would be there, and he would feel the love of his angel guides and of his higher self. They would say, “Oh, John, indeed we love you. You are so powerful.”

And John would beg God, “Oh, please, show me what to do in my healing room.” And so life went on for John in this way.

Now, John had a sister. It was almost adding insult to injury that his sister was also troubled with ill health and that he seemed unable to do anything about it. So he sat with her and he prayed, and he sent her energy. He used his science, the things that he knew worked, but his sister did not get better. She seemed so troubled all of the time.

Finally, after a great amount of time, John had reached his limit. In anger, he stormed into his meditation area, sat down on the couch, and exclaimed, “I’ve had it! Where are you?”

“Hi, John, how are you?” His angels immediately answered him. John was so shocked that he almost fell off his meditation pillow.

“How can you be here so quickly? I’m not ready?”

“We’ve always been here, John,” his guides replied. “We’re with you even in the healing room.”

“You told me I was powerful,” John said, “You gave me incredible answers. I felt them in the love that you sent. Yet nothing is happening! I’m at my wit’s end. What can I do?”

John’s guides faced him and said, “Oh, John, we’re so glad you came. Listen – t doesn’t matter how good the stove is; the food will never be cooked until the burners are hot.”

Now, John was not a fool, and he asked them, “The burners – they’re me?”

“Yes,” replied the loving angel guides.

“What can I do?” John asked.

“What is it that you choose to do?”

“I want to be in my contract!” stated John loudly.

Oh, the fluttering that went on when he said that! For that’s all they had to hear. This time John didn’t specify whose back was to be healed. He didn’t specify what he specifically needed or where the power should come from or on which day he should feel better. John finally said, “I want healing for myself. I want to be in my contract. I want my passion to be fulfilled. I want to do what I came here for.”

Through his angels, God said to him, “John, it took so long for you to ask that. You shall have it! It is yours, even as you ask.”

When John arose that night from his meditation, he realized that things had changed, for he had a new peace. Even before he went back to the healing room, he knew things would be different. God had told him that all he had to do was to take care of himself, and everything else would be added. When John walked into the healing room, amazing things started to happen, for he was given further knowledge. “I’m going to lay my hands here today,” he would say to himself. “It’s different. No one told me to, but I know it’s going to be the right thing to do.” Results were immediate. John knew that God was standing over his shoulder, winking at him, saying, “Oh, yes, that’s right. Now try this.” John was beginning to have results like he had never seen before! He told the ones who came to him to get ready to be healed. He had ceremony with them prior to ever touching them. They thought he was crazy – until they were healed. Then even more people started coming to him – John the powerful healer.

And so it was that John went to see his sister. John literally danced into her room, all aglow, knowing that her healing was next. He saw her light up! No more scowls, and yet he hadn’t even touched her.

“John, what has happened?” she asked him. “I’ve been so worried about you!” Everything stopped. Then John realized that his own torment had spilled over into the very ones he was trying to treat. Time after time he had come into her room and dragged his own anxiety with him. He had actually hindered her health by his own worry. No wonder nothing worked!

“God told me you’re going to be healed,” John warmly announced. Then he had ceremony with his sister, and he felt the peace of God overwhelm them both. He shed tears of joy in his newfound knowledge and thanked God for such a cooperative effort that brought such wonderful results. His sister was indeed healed because she was ready, and because John had taken care of himself first – and his power and wisdom had increased greatly. John’s intent had changed not only his own life, but all those he touched from then on.

Lee Carroll. The Parables of Kryon. Carlsbad, CA; Hay House, Inc., 2004,pp109-12.

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