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Moving Forward

The winds of change are clearly blowing all over. There is an increasing dissatisfaction with the old world paradigms and ways of life with humanity seeking a new way. Since the new way is not yet clear it is likely that the confusion may remain the dominant state for some time to come. But is not this confusion here to teach rather than frighten us?

The mudfish that has leapt out of the waters is in distress for it is fast losing the capacity to breath in water and has not yet developed the ability to live on land. It is a bundle of the suffocating pieces of life. Yet this small little suffocated creature is the prelude of a whole chain of evolution that will reach upto man and, who knows, go further beyond Man. This is the faith we must nurture to navigate through these times of transition, the faith that is consistent with intuition and reason. It is unlikely that evolution will stop with man. The Evolutionary Energy cannot halt with this imperfect product who suffers at the least affront. Even worse, besides the physical and vital suffering to which the animal kind is prone, in man there is the added burden of psychological suffering, of deep emotional pain, even the spiritual angst of being in a prison or as a bird in captivity. But is not all this the very means that nature uses to instigate and inspire her creatures to take the big evolutionary leap? Perhaps the leap is closer than we know. The greater the confusion, the nearer is the breakthrough to a New Life. The greater the night, the nearer is the daybreak.

Meanwhile let us try to live this new life, for even if one does not fully succeed in one go, the stamp is put and the seal of destiny endorses the effort. Failed attempts are after all only the starting-point of success. Approximations pave the way for accuracy.

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Winds of change