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Dr. Soumitra Basu

The book, as the name suggests, is essentially a consciousness approach to health, based on the vision of Sri Aurobindo. Dr. Soumitra Basu lucidly brings out the correspondence between the different planes of consciousness and their relation to health and illness. The chapters on culture, society, yoga and their relation to integral health give an even wider perspective of the issue. Finally, there are a few illustrative case studies which link the theoretical concepts presented to us withpractical examples.

Overall the book brings out many new and interesting ideas which should be able to help any physician understand the phenomenon of health and illness better. The work cuts across different systems of therapy and all practitioners of the science of healing will find it useful.


Dr. Vandana

This little book is a way that helped people find their way back to themselves when they were suffering from physical problems. Written from transcribed notes of sessions with a patient, Dr. Vandana explores the healing capacities that reside within each human being.

When we fall sick, have pain or are suffering, we are actually searching a way back to ourselves. This could be a moment among many others to help us reconnect. Here we use our inner senses to explore what is happening inside us without judgment. We do not do anything. We just look, feel, sense or listen to what is going on within. We suspend the thoughts of “how I should be” and just observe “how I am”. We allow the inner worlds to reveal themselves through images or colors, sounds or sensations. We just look at what is, accepting all – good or bad, happy or sad, ugly or beautiful, without getting involved. Our search is to go deeper into the depth of the problem and look at the roots, if we can. For when we can reach the root of the problem, physical or mental or emotional, a strange thing happens. It dissolves and is replaced by a light or peace or joy or love. One did nothing but look!



This book is a mine of information on death.It evolved out of a seminar on Death,Dying and Beyond held from the 5th to 8th December 2002.
“Why are we born if only to die? Why all this effort for development or progress if the end is nothing but a void, a degeneration of all we have done?” Death raises many other issues too. Some questions which have become very critical today. At one time perhaps these were in the range of philosophy, in the range of concept of thought – today they raise important questions for which we do not have answers. The reason is simple – the answer does not lie at the level at which we seek answers i.e. at the moral, ethical or social levels but at a deeper level of consciousness – the spiritual level. This is the main purpose of this seminar: to look for answers; the true answer at that level. The objectives of this seminar are to raise questions which are important, which are pressing, which are permanent and eternal and not to look for adjustments or compromises but for truer and deeper solutions.



This book shares with us the life and memories of Dr. D.B. Bisht with the Mother. He was the Mother’s physician and went on to become the Director General of Health Services, India. Written in a clear witty language, it brings the Mother and Dr. Bisht close to the reader.

“Even when I was young, I always laughed so loudly that my mother used to scold me. I sounded like a donkey, she said. Then one day I told her teasingly that I had seen two donkeys laughing with their heads up towards the sky. She immediately told me to stop telling stupid things. Then she asked, ‘How did you know they were laughing? Donkeys do not laugh – they only bray!‘ But I was sure they were laughing!“.



This booklet is primarily for patients who have undergone a colostomy (i.e. Ostomates) or their attendants, Nurses and last but not least, Doctors who care for those who will live their lives with Stoma.

At present no statistical data is available to show the incidence of colostomy in India. However, with the increase in longevity of people and longer survival of ostomates, their number is bound to increase. It is all the more important therefore that everyone should become aware of the issues related to the care of the stoma.