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NAMAH is a pioneer, peer-reviewed, body, mind and spirit journal with an integral vision looking at the influence of the spirit or soul in psychology and health.

Notes on counselling

Dealing with fear in children — personal notes

Dr. Soumitra Basu


Quite often mothers complain to me about the fears and feelings of insecurity in their children. If the child is very young and there is no obvious family discord, the first thing that I ask is whether the child sleeps at night with the night-lamp on. In most cases the answer is yes. The child has not learnt to enjoy darkness, not been allowed to experience darkness. Has he not played that game of blind man’s buff? Inadvertently, the mother thinks the night-lamp will allay the child’s fear, but actually it increases the insecurity.. Read more...

Consciousness and health

Out of the shadows

James Anderson

Everyone has shadows: they contradict the noblest parts of human nature. They retard man’s psychological and physical well-being. But when one proceeds along a path of personal growth, the Light somehow makes these shadows appear more distinct. The Light will also sharpen the sense of suffering but the solution is to learn to integrate the ‘personality’ and the Light provides indispensable tools for this process. The surface nature lacks the necessary equipment to deal with this affliction. It is the Light that provides the answer to shadows on every level: individual, collective and even the Light of Love on the terrestrial. Read more...

Luminous Words

The power of experience

The Mother

Conquering negative attitudes

The only really important thing modern science has discovered is that from the purely outer and physical point of view things are not what they seem to be. When you look at a body, a human being, an object, a landscape, you perceive these things with the help of your eyes, your touch, hearing and, for the details, smell and taste; well, science tells you: “All that is illusory, you don’t see things at all as they are, you don’t touch them as they really are, you don’t smell them as they really are, you don’t taste them as they really are. Read more...

Integral Health

The Metaphysical basis for Integral Health — illusionism and health

Dr. Soumitra Basu


In Chapter V of The Life Divine, Sri Aurobindo makes a very significant comment on the illusory view of existence. There are certain spiritual experiences which hold that Reality or Brahman is only an undifferentiated pure consciousness (Being) or a fathomless zero (Non-Being) while ‘Existence’ as manifested in the cosmos and the individual is secondary, ‘unreal’, and hence an ‘illusion’. How is such an ‘illusion’ sustained? It has been traditionally suggested that such a ‘falsity’ exists due to a conceptual or formative phenomenon called Maya — the existence as we perceive is an illusory phenomenon that appears to be ‘true’ only to the subjective mind-space of the observer. Read more...

Think it over

Gratitude — the great attitude Part 1

Mira Prabhu

Circuitous thoughts of worry and fear can literally drive us mad. As the author discovered via an angel named Grace, positive thinking is nothing less than white magic. Grace told her to list five things that made her happy the moment she awoke… read how this simple practice transformed the author’s life. Read more...

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