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Moving Forward

An Age of Truth is fast dawning upon mankind and its very first effects are, paradoxically, a heightened confusion. It is so because the old values based on either a mechanical obedience to fixed formulas or else to an irrational reverence are being challenged in the mind-spaces of humanity. But the true values that are destined to replace the old ones are yet to emerge. The result is the ensuing confusion and a seeming chaos.

But this chaos, far from being destructive, is the ferment that would nourish earthly matter with a new creative inspiration. The human heart is bound to search for a new law after it has gone through this dance of madness that has come about by an overthrowing of a rationally structured and organised society based on statutes and laws of old. What is therefore needed is not to reconstitute the old or to somehow revive the dead corpse of the past but to discover, infuse the new and with that enthuse those who are still in the seeking.

The task is not easy. It is a whole new species that is emerging and which must rediscover and redefine itself from the very start without any maps to help. It has to rediscover itself, rediscover the history and geography of life; it has to rediscover its relation with creation and the Creator. If one has the urge to thus rediscover then an inner Help is always there. But those who wish to continue copying and prolong the past; the writing is clear, — thus far and no further. We need to shake off all our narrow conceptions, rigid dogmas and beliefs and start afresh like new discoverers and adventurers in virgin territory.

This is the challenge before us, — to rediscover everything anew or else pass off into the shades and shadows of a petrified past.

Our choice will either open for us the doors of a New Creation or simply slide us back into the old and defunct past.

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A New Dawn