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Moving Forward

At each given moment the world is being created anew. Yet we do not sense or feel it, partly because our eyes are glued to a small and fixed scene that immediately concerns us and partly because the old movements continue to persist out of the force of sheer habit. Yet none can deny that change is the only ultimate constant in life.

Seen one way this can be disconcerting. But seen another way this can fill us with hope. Nothing lasts, neither good times nor bad times, at least what we call as good and bad. In reality of course, this constant change has little to do with our human conceptions of good and bad. It is our mind that often attaches its ego-determined values manufactured in ignorance by our desire-self. Our mind feels happy or sad; we experience pleasure or pain depending upon the stress of values. But beyond these dualities, and regardless of these, the wheel of change moves on and on, incessantly, ceaselessly, day and night as if on a pre-determined course that our hopes and despairs cannot change.

And yet there is something we can do. We may not be able to change the course of the wheel but by right perception and right understanding we can align our will with its motion. This makes the friction less and the movement of Time smoother. In other words, we can delay or hasten, simplify or complicate the inevitable motion. We can undertake the great journey of life with peace and joy in our heart or with trouble and anxiety. We can look beyond the change with hope and happy expectation or with the sense of impending doom about the fast sinking present.

That is our choice, a choice that we alone can make and depending upon it we have a more or less meaningful life, a life lived worthwhile or vainly.

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