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Moving Forward

A New Age is dawning upon man. It is dawning as naturally as the sun lights up the skies again after a spell of night. It does not ask us before it rises. It is up to us whether we are ready for the signal flare and to welcome and greet the New Light. Or else we are caught napping when we should be toiling.

It is our choice but we must remember that when the moment has passed and we are left sleeping then it is we who stand to lose. Of course each sunrise stays for a few centuries if not a millennium to do its work. But it is never a good idea to stay asleep because one thinks there is lots of time still left. Like all things there is an ideal moment to catch the first ray and sow the seeds of the Future. If we miss that moment then the labour required is much harder. If one has not prepared oneself with the first rays then the full sun hurts and it is difficult to take in that tremendous energy to grow and reap the harvest. At least the seeds must be sown now even though the season for their fruition will come later, over a few centuries perhaps.

For each thing there is a season, a season to till the soil and another to sow the seeds, yet another to put water and wait and finally the time for fruition of the labour. We are leaving behind the season when the soil was being tilled through the massive revolutions that shook the earth just half a century back. It is the time for sowing the right seeds, for orienting our thoughts and ideas in the right direction and labour to safeguard it from being eaten away. This is the call upon us from the Future. Shall we respond to the call or stay asleep? That is a choice each of us must make as we enter this New Age of Truth.

Time is pressing and the pressure is growing upon man. Let us hope that he will be able to negotiate the critical moments in the narrow passage to the next species.

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