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Moving Forward

We move in a fast-changing world surrounded with uncertainties. On the one hand, science has brought a number of gifts at our doorsteps. On the other, it has weakened our natural immunity to an extent that we are becoming more and more vulnerable to various illnesses. A fast-track life, supported by a number of gadgets, has brought new challenges to our social and community health, leaving aside the impact upon the spiritual dimension. While many are perhaps simply moving on a roller-coaster ride through a vortex whose path and goal are not immediately visible, there are a few who are seeking a stable basis behind this constant and rapid flux and change. To these, the fast-track life has only helped to increase the spiritual urge as a means to get out of the confusion that surrounds our mental world.

Is it the end of the world built by the mind that has reached its acme? Or is it a new beginning, the emergence of a spiritual world from within the empire of the half-blind king, the Mind? This is the question we have to ponder about. It is as if we stand at the crossroads of a civilisation built by the mind wherein we can either go further along the routes that the mind has taken us so far or else branch out into a new and unprecedented direction towards a higher evolution.

To put it paradoxically, we have to choose between the Artificial Intelligence (AI) that machines and science can provide or the Divine Intelligence (DI). Perhaps it is now a race with time, whether AI takes over first and further pauperises man or else the human intelligence evolves into DI and uses AI as its tool or simply discards it as another useless encumbrance.

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