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Creative resonance and energy medicine for wholeness

Ambika Talwar


This article explores energy medicine and processes as ways to access the ‘point of origin’ of diverse illnesses or imbalances, which are often triggered by our thought-forms for we live in a cosmic soup of thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, et al. Illness or disease is a result of confusion and inappropriate management of information in/by diverse systems of body-mind-spirit. Once we access the point of origin and eliminate recurring/causal confusions and false beliefs/associations, we can regain with ease our state of well-being or wholeness.

upon waking
what is truly important...

Here are some oft asked questions: How does energy healing work? What is energy healing? Isn’t everything energy? So I attempt to explore a process of energetic medicine. Having studied diverse modalities and finding what clicked for me, I formed a system by merging these into a process I call ‘IE:Intuition Energetics’.

There is nothing cutting-edge or earth-shattering about this, but, as a creative person, I see the process of unfolding into wellness also as creative.

Yes, ‘everything’ is energy, and matter is just dense. Thought-forms, pulses, sound, light are energy frequencies. We operate with them; we are them. Each of us also operates at our own unique frequency of various resonances. So you may resonate with one shade of blue and I might prefer another — these are a matter of taste but also frequency coherence with who we each are. These are subject to change.

Soup of thought-forms

So what do energy and wellness have to do with each other? We are each complex systems of inter/intra-related systems of particles, atoms, cells, tissue, organs; and we operate in universes with trillions of these. We also live in an idea sphere of thought-forms, feelings, emotions, and impressions as energy frequencies. Add to this inter/intra soup of thought- forms the electrons, protons, neutrons, air/radio-waves, and radiation that are in us and surround us.

You get the picture of our enormity even though we are each also a drop in the ocean. Given that we are multiplicities within multiplicities, the dynamics of being well and coming into wholeness is well served by full-spectrum healing modalities, one of which I offer.

Yes, we are affected by thoughts (ours and others’, even of those who aren’t alive). Sometimes our thinking weakens us, for we get caught up with over-thinking (confusion). And knowledge, which must free us, but filtered with untruths through the minds of devious folk, has created terror. The media and memories of old wounds continue our programming if we have not cleared the crud.

An example: a single negating thought you felt even at age 5 or criticism for the way you sat has now resulted in your hips being out of alignment. You go from one chiropractor to another for an adjustment. Some people resort to painkillers because their worldview will not allow them to go beyond the confines of the value system in and with which they were raised. Chiropractic treatment will get you back in form, but even this can be temporary. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek diverse modes of care. Why would I want to give up diverse forms of massage that integrate my body in lovely ways?

Diverse healing modalities offer us ways to access the point of origin of a particular issue, for example to sort through the problem of hip misalignment, and then to resolve it. In this case, let us become neutral to the wounding from criticism about your gait or carriage or posture (even seated). If this is not enough, let us also clear the effects of these negating thoughts for so many years about your physical self, even becoming judgmental about how others sit, as it reminds you of yours. For, through no fault of yours, you created an energy system to support this misalignment from that one single perception, perhaps a karmic pattern of not being aligned with your self.

Such conditions can be corrected through full spectrum healing modalities by reviewing the diverse influences that created and supported it. Once cleared, we integrate into our new structure. It is necessary to also clear our perceptions about the imbalance.

Shall we then perceive ourselves in our beauty and wholeness — our true self?

No to positive thinking

Know that ‘positive thinking’ will not necessarily correct an issue. Positive thoughts are affirmations. You might say, “Whenever I eat an apple, I get a headache.” This is a statement that affirms something, creating a belief that can be false. So positive statements can be false beliefs.

What is preferable is to find the real cause (the point of origin) of disease. For example, someone thinks he is getting a headache for eating an apple. Obviously, there is no logic, but, perhaps a memory is triggered. For example maybe, you were eating an apple when you heard your parents having a violent quarrel or you saw a horrific scene on TV, and you happened to have an apple in your hand. Immediately, you made a false association.

Let’s correct such associations and free the poor apple of blame. Once you get to the truth (point of origin), we can move along, and you can enjoy an apple without it getting stuck in your throat, and without you having issues about speaking the truth, about being creative, about singing, about living a full life. You see how a single moment can create sets of false beliefs and false associations.

We accept false beliefs frequently and we have the media and religion to add to it. It is my understanding that one of the main causes of illness is confusion.

Imagine a ball of wire caught in a mesh and information getting lost in the jumble. Add to this the propagation of misinformation — more confusion as one byte contradicts prior bytes. For example, coffee has been drunk for ages. Suddenly, some researchers ‘find’ it affects your brain adversely by raising stress levels. Everyone is in a scramble to find an alternative. Doctors tell you to lay off that ‘caffeine’.

Two years later, coffee isn’t so bad. Now we find coffee assists central nervous system maintenance. Know also that coffee enemas are used often in the treatment of cancers. But many are on ‘fake’ coffee: Here, the finest beverage that tastes just like coffee. Darn! I love my morning coffee to have a little dust in it. It must be strong and textured — sweet morning pleasure makes me smile.

Get the picture?

Change the programme, so be free

Even though we know, ‘Truth shall set us free’, we are unclear about what truth is. So easily are we programmed to accept lies (offers of the right cure, Shangri-La or a promised land, false promises to our vanity, or the final solution to peace), that we are prey to misinformation and false beliefs.

Why do we senselessly give up our power to resist falsehood? Does your body not feel traumatised by systemic untruths? Would you not be empowered by truths so you could create a beautiful life of wisdom, generosity and love?

Let us remove layers of programmed mis-information and come to a correct under-standing of our selves, to be less triggered and overwhelmed by confusions and rejections. Let us peel away the layers of dissatisfactions, so the dark underworld of thought-forms and emotions has less power over our well-being. Once we are cleared of old programmes, we can more easily be in command of our emotional well-being.

Then misinformation which shows up in a backache, a headache, a splintered toe, an itchy forehead, red eyes, misaligned hip, hair loss, tense relationships, cancerous cells, fear of learning, heart issues, or kidney failure, will matter less.

Systems of wellness keep us strengthened to our environments as well. Perhaps, if we don’t react to all this mayhem, we will co-create less of it. See yourself as a live organic inter-connected system of inter/intra-related systems, a living causal dynamo or computer with enhanced memory. Somewhere when the natural mind recognises this truth as both fixed and flexible, we are rewoven into our resonant wholeness.

But we must recognise these truths and live them if we are to change our awareness of ourselves as whole and integrated. This resonant connection with the True Self, the Natural Mind, the Big Heart excites our Lovingness, brings us to its essence and into our glowing Presence.

Imagine a world of such Presence!

Isn’t it time to remove the layers of history that brought us to the states of ill-ease individually and collectively? Isn’t it time to learn Love in such a way that we can co-create systems resonant with respect and reverence for life? In such a state, perhaps illness would not exist for systems would have undergone foundational trans & meta-formation.

Let us revive the memory of our real fulfillment. We know wholeness is an expression of our true nature: a self determining process of clearing old conditions and arriving at truths, one layer at a time. This deeper layer doesn’t have to be down below — it can be up above. More appropriately, it is omni directional and right in the centre is a point of light.

Being a point of light is our responsibility: let us transform worlds with our presence, a beautiful creative process.

Wholeness is wellness

At our core, we are creative beings. The longing to express our essence (soul and spirit cleansed of past negating influences) and re-form our self is a creative process. Not always easy, it may take longer than we wish, but arriving into it is exquisite and elegant.

Let us recall the spark of knowing and responsibly realise our wholeness. This inner longing is the beginning of our work to become a creative whole, dancing, resonant being, an integration of Body – Mind – Spirit.

I invite you on this journey to this Vast Emptiness as Wholeness, so we may choose always to be clear channels of wisdom, continually arrive as Presence, vibrate as vessel of pleasure at becoming, and in this cosmic play allow Love to love through us.

Ambika Talwar is a poet, peace-activist, healer and visionary based in Los Angeles, USA. ( and

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