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Case study

A journey with homoeopathy

Dr. Uttareshwar Pachegaonkar, Dr. Arati Sharma


A young working woman living a stressful lifestyle develops primary infertility. Desperate to have a child, she got herself treated with conventional medical therapies at exorbitant cost. She underwent IUI followed by 6 attempts of IVF, all of which failed. Under our homoeopathic holistic approach, she conceived and delivered a healthy baby without any problems.

The patient’s record 

I am a software engineer born on 1 February 1979. I got married in the year 2005 at the age of 26. My husband is also a software engineer. My husband and I planned to have a child after 2 years of marriage. However, even after more than 5 years, I had failed to conceive. My friends who had got married around the same time had already conceived and delivered children. I was still childless. My husband and other relatives started getting desperate for us to have a child. It was really an embarrassment for the whole family. Despite everything being normal with both of us, I failed to conceive. Over the last 3 years, we enthusiastically consulted many of the so-called popular gynaecologists of the city of Pune (India). Every doctor we consulted concluded that both of us were perfectly normal in every aspect. In fact they were wondering why I was unable to conceive as I was literally pining away for it. 

It was a great task for us to go through the whole process of investigations, counselling sessions, surgical procedures and medications. Each time it used to bring the same turmoil — the appointment with the gynaecological expert, the long list of investigations, counselling, and treatment sessions! They gave us hormone medicines along with tonics for generative organs empirically.  

Some of the gynaecologists advised us to undergo IUI and then IVF. I underwent IUI once and IVF twice but each time it was a failure. When we asked the reason for the failure of the two cycles of IVF, the gynaecologist replied that we should be ready for many more IVF cycles and that the entire process would cost around 15 lakh1 Rupees. I had many such conventional treatments for almost 3 years and spent more than 4 lakh Rupees. After consulting four of the most popular gynaecologists in Pune, we even tried Āyurvedic treatment. Each specialist used to be so prompt in using the latest technology in my treatment — I still have a video-recording of the laparoscopic aspiration of ovarian cysts — all in vain! The subsequent interactions with these infertility clinics used to be very demoralising.  However, my husband was always supportive in every situation.

Coincidentally, I have had to go through even other major health issues. I have a tendency of getting episodes of severe hyperacidity. After investigation, it was attributed to my gall bladder pathology. They discovered that I have gall stones and an inflamed gall bladder. Promptly enough, my gastroenterologist doctors arranged for the laparoscopic removal of my gall bladder. I had an extra lobe of liver, which was also removed during the laparoscopy surgery. 

Finally the super-specialists decided to go for micro-surgery on both the fallopian tubes. They wanted both the fallopian tubes to be made patent. This advice did not convince us. We were literally fed up with this whole process of trial and error procedures by these money-grabbing institutions. I was therefore not very enthusiastic to try any further treatment. 

My elder sister, Dr J. herself happens to be a homoeopathic doctor. She explained and convinced me that homoeopathic treatment is simple and would cure endometriosis and myometriosos; it would give positive results without me having to undergo any surgery or spending huge sums of money. With much reluctance, I accepted the suggestion and agreed to undergo this treatment. She took me to her senior homoeopathic colleague Dr P. for homoeopathic management. The homoeopath spoke with me for an hour or so and made notes for an elaborate history of my health issues. All the details of each symptom were collected. My childhood history was given along with the family history, lifestyle, mental disposition, etc.  

First of all, Dr P. convinced me that I did not have any major problem. He explained to me that endometriosis could be cured with homoeopathic treatment and that I would definitely conceive, probably within a year. Dr P. advised me to take my medications regularly and to make a few changes to my lifestyle. He counselled me about methods of de-stressing oneself and explained the role femininity plays in child bearing and its whole psychosomatic physiological nexus. On noting my husband’s minor degree of oligospermia, he prescribed homoeopathic medicines for him to be taken for 2 months.  

After 4 months of homoeopathic treatment, a sweet surprise awaited us. The ultra-sonography (USG) scan revealed that my myometriosis was cured. This gave me the confidence and motivation to continue with homoeopathic treatment. While this course was going on, my husband was transferred to the USA. I resigned from my job and decided to accompany him to the USA. 

Soon after I finally conceived; it was a wonderful surprise for us. It was hard to digest that I had conceived without any IUI or IVF but through only simple homoeopathic treatment over these 4 months. I was also very excited and had no words to describe my happiness.

After two weeks, I started experiencing bleeding through the vagina. I contacted Dr P. over the phone. He felt that it was the good news which had caused a shock to the system giving rise to the spotting. Through e-mail, he suggested I take Aconite 30. We tried to contact homoeopathic doctors in California for the medicines, however they did not respond. Finally, my sister Dr J. arranged for the medicines from India and sent them to the USA via courier. The bleeding stopped and the pregnancy continued normally. The gynaecologists in the USA were surprised at how I could conceive smoothly despite the severe endometriosis and myometritis. During the whole of my pregnancy, I was in touch with Dr P. through e-mail and my sister Dr J. had arranged to send the homoeopathic medicines by courier. The whole pregnancy was eventless and I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Today, my baby girl, who was born in the USA and who is now 5 months old, is healthy. We are grateful to homoeopathy and the homoeopathic physicians for helping to give us such a wonderful gift, a daughter in our lives. And I still pursue homoeopathic treatment for my child.  

Clinical notes/case history 

A female aged 32 came to our clinic on 8 April 2011. She was working as an engineer in an information technology company. Married in 2005, she was very eager to have a child. She was referred to us by another homoeopath, her elder sister.  

The patient was a known case with primary infertility, someone with polycystic ovarian syndrome, and which had been drained under laparoscopic intervention. Repeated attempts at IVF had also failed. She had been under continuous treatment for the last 3 years. 

She had attained menarche at age 14. Menses were regular with an interval of 28–30 days. The flow used to last for 3-4 days. The first two days would be heavy with clots. On the first day, she also experienced abdominal pain. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) was characterised by heavy tender breasts and aching calves for 5-6 days before each period. The PMS used to subside with the onset of menstrual flow. A recent USG scan dated 28 March 2011 indicated left ovarian endometriosis, myometrial lesions, and resolved adenomyosis.

For a year, she had experienced a burning heat in her palms with suppressed sweating. She had also suffered recurrent stomatitis for 2 years. She complained of a pain in the neck radiating to the right shoulder, arm and right side of the back, caused by pressure from movement and heavy weight lifting. She had felt a small involuntary trembling of the head and neck over the last 10 years. She had also experienced intolerable headache, myopia, a dry-coated tongue and a history of typhoid fever in 1998, after which she encountered hair loss. She also had a history of cholecystectomy, as she had cholecystitis with cholelithiasis in 2008.The patient liked spicy, sour, and salty food. She liked the cold season and winter. 

The patient’s husband was aged 36 and was an engineer working in a global information technology company. The patient’s mother was diabetic and had undergone coronary angioplasty while her father was hyper-tensive. The patient has one brother and four sisters and she is the fourth of the siblings. The younger sister had psoriasis and the eldest sister had hyperacidity and lumbago on and off. 

The patient’s husband did not personally come to the clinic for examination. However, the patient reported that her husband had a marginal degree of oligospermia. For this, a stat empirically Acid phos 6c bd was given to him for 2 months. 

8 April 2011 

Zinc Met 1m single on day 1 
Ignatia 1m single spell on day 2 
Phytolacca 2x 30 ml 10 drops twice a day  
Pulsatilla 6x 30 ml 10 drops twice a day  

3 July 2011 

Last menstrual period on 12 June 2011;
second-last menstrual period on 15 May 2011 
Right shoulder pain, palms dry, hot 
Stomatitis had surfaced again 
Low backache for 1 week 
Tub 1m 4 dose 
Staphy 6x 30 ml 
Phytolacca 2x 30 ml 
Hyd Can 2x 30 ml 

19 August 2011

The patient informed me over the phone that she had missed her period by 1 week and her pregnancy test result had been positive. The very next day, she developed some spotting of blood through the vagina; the last menstrual period was 11 July 2011. She was desperate to have an appointment with a gynaecologist in the USA for urgent relief. Her USG dated 22 August 2011 in the USA confirmed the conception of 6 weeks gestation. A simple cyst in the right ovary was also noted.  

Aconite 1m stat single dose.  

The whole pregnancy was eventless. The following e-mail was sent by the patient after the delivery:   

“Good Morning Sir,  
We were blessed with a baby girl on 13th April 2012. Her weight was 8.3 pounds at the time of birth. We have named her _____. 
Please find the attached snap. 

After so many years, we were able to see our dream come true due only to homoeopathy. Thank you so much from both of us.  

Soon we will be in India and will plan to meet you. 

Thanks & Regards, 
S, P & S” 

1 lakh = 100,000  

Dr. Uttareshwar Pachegaonkar and Dr. Arati Sharma are both Directors at the Sri Aurobindo Centre for Homoeopathy, Sri Aurobindo Society at Pondicherry.

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