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Editor’s note:

An inspiring story which shows us that it is we who decide the limits of our will by defining the limits of our faith. Interestingly, the name ‘Theo‘ derives from Latin roots and means God. Truly God resides within us and reveals Himself in our most mundane existence as Will and Faith.

I came to realise the numerous benefits of exercise at a very early age. So I have made a commitment to myself that I will run every morning, from Monday to Friday. There is a football oval near my house where I go for a run in the mornings.

During winter time it is usually quite dark when I run. A few months ago, I was running around the oval when I noticed a shadowy figure approaching me from a distance. It was quite hard to see in the darkness. A few moments later a man walked past me, all rugged up in a hooded jacket! I gave him a quick ‘Good morning’ as he continued with his early morning power walk.

From that day onwards, I kept seeing this man, and we always exchanged a friendly ‘Good morning’. As winter passed, and spring came, there was more light as the sun was already rising. One particular morning I was able to see this man clearly, and I decided to stop and have a friendly chat with him.

He took his hood off and we spoke! After a few minutes of conversing with this gentleman, I was in awe of what he had taught me, during our first ever verbal interaction that consisted of more than just two words, ‘Good morning’.

This man’s name is Theo, he is 73 years-old, and he does six laps of the oval for his power walking session every morning, from Monday to Friday! I was so intrigued by his commitment that I had to ask him what the motive for his early morning exercise regime was.

You see, Theo was in a workplace accident almost 30 years ago. He had sustained injuries in both his legs, and was told by medical specialists that he would never be able to walk again. Theo made up his mind, at that very moment, that he would walk again and prove them wrong! He told me that he started by slowly moving his legs, and had convinced himself that he would be fully mobile. As it happened, he was able to walk again, and in just a few months.

Theo does not see this as a miracle. He thinks that it was simply the decision that he had made, and no opinion on earth was going to change his decision. Now he walks in the park every morning from Monday to Friday, to remain fit, to maintain the use of his legs and to be grateful for being fully mobile! By the way, Theo does not look anywhere near 73 years-old. I initially thought that he was in his early 60s when I first saw him. So, if Theo can make a decision to defy the opinion of medical specialists and choose to maintain full use of his legs, what are you willing to defy in order to make the most from your life?

If a 73 year-old man can power walk six laps of a football oval, in the dead of winter, early in the morning, what can you do to lead a fulfilling life? I mentioned to Theo that most people of his age would stay in bed, while he is exercising. He replied, “They are missing out on life!”

Theo has many lessons to teach us:

● Always remind yourself that your attitude is in your control.

● No matter what others say, only you can decide to live the way that you want to.

● To get what you want, you will have to make sacrifices (he doesn’t sleep in during winter).

● Your health is your choice!

● You can choose to look younger.

Now, Theo and I have become good friends. My run at the football oval does not feel complete unless I stop, shake hands with him, and have a quick chat. Sometimes he will shout from a distance “You fit young man!” if I do not see him approaching.

What a start to the day I have! I get to exercise, I get to talk to a very inspiring man, whom I consider a role-model and I am always reminded that I can achieve so much more in life, only if I choose to!

So, thank you, Theo....

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