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Flower essences from SAIIIHR (V)

Dr. Vandana and Nancy Whitlow

Editor's note

This is the fifth talk in a series of conversations with Nancy on the flower essences from SAIIIHR. This talk focuses on the occult action of the flower, 'Will to conquer Vital Enemies'.

V Do you feel that anything is unclear on what we have spoken concerning the flowers?

N Hmm.

V Today something else has emerged. I have gone so far to the other end of the spectrum from physical to inner worlds that today when someone asked me, “Do you have any flower for my neck pain?” I was totally at a loss (laughter).

N It seems like an unusual question (laughter). You know, I don’t know what to ask because the whole thing seems so mysterious to me anyway that I take it more on faith. You know the vibrations of the flowers come into our being, but it is not a thing that can be explained a lot. But maybe you can, I don’t know. So I just believe in them because I can see what they can do for me. It is the same way actually for everything. When I press the switch, the electric light goes on. But I can’t explain how it happens. I just know that it does. I learnt it once at school, but I don’t remember any more (laughter). So.... One question that I have is: you gave me many remedies while I was in the States and I just took what felt right at the moment. You had told me not to mix more than 3 or 4 together.

V This is according to Bach who says that more than 5 remedies should not be mixed together. For example you can’t mix Peace in the Cells1 with Life Energy2. You might land up with a huge problem. One is pushing you while the other is trying to hold you down. So there are some flowers that don’t go well together. But there are some flowers like Will to Conquer the Vital Enemies3 and Integral Protection4 which go very well together. There is another flower, Conquest over Vital Enemies5. Somehow I have never made that into a remedy after Will to conquer the Vital Enemies was made because Will to Conquer the Vital Enemies had a very good effect along with Integral Protection. I remember my first case. It was a 70 year-old woman. She was very weak but she would come daily to my office to meet me. She always felt that she was being attacked by occult forces. She would wake up in the night in great fear of being attacked. It could have been real or a delusion, I don’t know. I gave her Will to Conquer Vital Enemies with Integral Protection. After this her memory improved, her strength improved and her sleep improved. It worked really well.

Healing process

V I think we also need to talk about the healing process. The healing process greatly depends on the inner state of the therapist also. So depending upon the state that I am in, that is, the state of consciousness in which I live and breathe and function; this is what calls a certain type of person towards me.

When one is a doctor, people speak only of their physical problems. If you are a homoeopath, the range of complaints will increase. If you are a psychiatrist, the people come to you with psychiatric problems. If you are a healer, people will present to you the problems that need healing. So people, in a way, classify therapists into various categories. So the way people approach the therapist depends on the way in which they see the set-up.

Flowers can be used by all types of people. It is not necessary that only a healer should work with flower remedies or only a homoeopath can use flower remedies. Everyone can use flower remedies. In fact in psychiatry these flower remedies are working marvellously well.

Since we started with the occult there is another very interesting case. This is about a psychiatric patient, admitted into hospital, who got hold of a knife and wanted to kill himself. He had managed to escape from the attendants and nurses. They somehow restrained him and managed to give him the required medicines to knock him out. But it had no effect. He continued to be violent. He was possessed by a force that had enormous power. It was unbelievable. He was violent and shouting. The psychiatrist in charge suddenly remembered the flower remedies. He thought of trying them, since nothing else was working. He mixed together a few flowers and made the boy drink them. He says that within a few minutes the boy calmed down, completely relaxed and apologised to everyone. In a few days or weeks he could be released.

N Were these your flower remedies or Bach’s?

V These were the flowers with Mother’s significance, not mine. You see in India, Tantric6 practices are still followed. Especially in Bengal. This psychiatrist often uses these flowers in his practice, especially with children because he does not like to give them heavy medication and he has a huge practice. So possession states are very well-known. Once he had a patient who was also seeing a Tantric. The patient showed the Tantric what the doctor had given him. The Tantric told him “You should never stop taking this bottle of water. This is the one that will help you.” So vibrationally also, these remedies have an effect.

(To be continued...)

1 - Ixora thwaitesii
2 - Chrysanthemum
3 - Verbena (violet )
4 - Bougainvillea (white )
5 - Verbena (white )
6 - Occultist

Dr. Vandana has been working with the flowers to whom the Mother gave significances, for the last 18 years.

Nancy used to work as a teacher at the International Centre of Education, Pondicherry. She is a part of the Free Progress and started the Resource Centre.

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