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Flower essences from SAIIIHR (VI)

Dr. Vandana and Nancy Whitlow

Editor's note

This is from the last series of conversations between Nancy and Vandana on the flower essences from SAIIIHR. This conversation centres around the flower of the Eucalyptus whose significance according to the Mother is Abolition of the Ego.

V So we start with Abolition of the Ego. It is very interesting because the first on the list of flower remedies is Abolition of the Ego and the last is always Without Grief. So most of the remedies I have made come somewhere in the middle of these two as the list is alphabetical. So perhaps the way to Without Grief begins with Abolition of the Ego. What would you like to know about it: how it was made, or about the remedy or about my experiences with the remedy?

N You can talk about it the way you like. I am ready for a story.

V Abolition of the Ego is the flower of the eucalyptus tree. It has two colours, one is cream-white and the other is red. Of course there are many other varieties, but in our surroundings these are the ones we mainly have. Normally it is not easy to get the flower because the trees grow very tall and high and the flowers bloom at these heights. So very rarely does one see flowers close to the ground. The first time I made this remedy I felt very lucky and grateful to find a tree whose flowers were easily accessible. This was near the Ganesh temple of Auroville. The remedy was finished after a few years. Now I had to make the remedy again and the trees near the Ganesh temple were not blooming.

There is something very interesting about the flower: it has a very hard bud and is covered with a very hard cap. It’s like a stem. Then this cap suddenly splits open and there are these pinkish flowers waving in the breeze, with a beautiful fragrance.

So when the remedy was finished I was having great difficulty finding this flower. I asked everybody I met if they knew of a tree with blooms close to the ground. Françoise told me that she believed there were some and that she would enquire. She did so and told me that it seemed that there were some in the Matrimandir gardens. At that time it had only buds. She told me she would keep a check. Then one Sunday I thought I could go to make the remedy. She told me that there was no need to bring anything as there were very few flowers. But inside me it was very clear that today was the day to make the remedy. It seems I had become a little more conscious! When I arrived at Matrimandir gardens, she met me with the one branch of flowers that was blooming. But you can’t make a flower remedy with flowers plucked a long time ago. You have to be in contact with the tree and make it near the plant when you pluck the flowers. You cannot pluck a branch, carry it away a distance and then make the remedy. The vibration must be very pure, nothing in between, only the flower and the water. So, she said, “Okay, it’s gone!” I said, “Let’s see where it is growing.” She told me how she had discovered this tree. She had been asking Andrea about this tree, standing in the gardens. Andrea said, “Well, just look behind you.” And there was a huge tree, a really huge tree. She had been standing just in front of it and she hadn’t even noticed — it was so discreet. Françoise is not someone who is unconscious, she has a deep link to plants. It was strange because being there, she could not see the plant. So we went to that tree and as we reached the tree, we discovered a whole forest. There was a whole grove of trees! Yet, she had only seen one, but behind it there were twenty other trees… and they were all in bloom. This was our first lesson on Abolition of the Ego.

And so I walked up to this tree which was really the most beautiful and it was so high, just as it is shown in the book and the leaves touched the ground. It was flowering, flowering, flowering and one could go near to touch the trunk. When you did that you were surrounded by these beautiful leaves and flowers. It was like you were embraced. It was so beautiful — there was such a presence. It was neutral, just neutral, so calm, still and neutral. There was a red one and a white one and the trees were full of flowers. I didn’t know which one to make, so I made them both. When in doubt, do both! Interestingly the water turned to a wine colour… a golden brown. In both remedies, from the white and red flowers, the water had exactly the same colour — golden brown. In the pink and white, the water had interestingly the same colour, exactly the same taste, and exactly the same smell. There was no difference. And well… the effect was also the same. The Australians call it ‘The Silver Princess’. I always liked that name, ‘Silver Princess’. This tree is really so tall, so dignified, so noble. It is there and yet not there.

I was using this remedy already, but didn’t discover its full effects until I used it on someone who was taking already Humility. The effect was really beautiful on her. She said it opened knots inside her which had been there ever since she could remember. And it allowed the light (which had always been there) to enter these knots. And then it was as if all the parts of her being that were dense became filled with tiny, tiny dots of light, moving in an ocean. It was a very interesting experience. It made her free. This remedy makes you relax. It helps you to dissolve patterns. This is one remedy that can … and like all remedies it will not work for everybody, it has a specific nature… and the nature of the person who needs this flower is someone who feels he or she knows; they have a framework that’s absolutely… in their mind, they are fixed, it’s actually like a framework that is a little rigid — like when you want everyone to do things the way you do it. And in the emotions there are these patterns… you just follow them and that’s the way you are going to react and that’s it. All of us have a little bit of it. And in the body also, they are a little stiff. And the first time I saw this remedy acting was… (and really, a remedy acting)…I had a girl in my office and she was of this type (a little bit), not so mature, but well… she knows. And she used to fly into a temper which was enormous. Just like that, she would burst. And then she didn’t care and started.… After that, she would go into depression — first the anger and then the depression. She had been burned by fire when a gas cylinder had burst in her house while she was cooking. That was before coming to me. In fact that’s how she came. She was from a small town and had come to Pondicherry for plastic surgery after sustaining burns from the gas cylinder burst. The surgeon was a friend of mine and he wanted her to have some work as she was recovering from the surgery. She had these patterns. And during one of these outbursts I thought of this flower. I said, “Why don’t you sit down with me?” She was having a severe headache and so I gave her this remedy to try. Within a minute there was no headache, it was as if she had no problem! And it was amazing that after that, her anger outbursts decreased in frequency and intensity drastically. It was less, much less.

N And she just took that one dose?

V She took that one dose. She never took it again. When these things happen, I don’t doubt, it shows me that the remedy works. This was in the early days when I was doubting, questioning everything and so it was on this day that a remedy had shown me, for myself, on the physical level, and for her on the psychological level, that they work because I could see her face changing in front of my eyes. It was as if suddenly something, some framework had dropped. She was free. I’ve seen with this remedy that for those who need it, it helps them to break patterns. It helps them to leave habits and move on. It can happen very drastically, like it happened with her or it can happen in a very gentle way so that they don’t even realise it. And the dreams are very beautiful. Some people with Abolition of the Ego have described dreams of seeing their past, seeing their patterns. They were able to see the way they were acting and living. And this is really amazing. This also happens with many remedies. They can bring a clarity and detachment from yourself and your way of being and so you can decide to shift, as it is not necessary and because it has stuck on. But this remedy has a gentle way of relaxing, of letting go, healing these deep scars, emotional scars, psychological wounds, patterns….

There is this woman who is coming to me who has a psychiatric background, in the sense that her mother has a manic depressive psychosis with anxiety and depression. Her grandmother had it, her great-grandmother had it and so she also has it. This flower along with a few others has shifted her patterns. She never talked about her psychological problem, because she’s Indian, she was only talking about the fact that she had this burning sensation during urination, and her husband had taken medicine, she had taken medicine for the urinary problem. This remedy cured her urinary problem. Behind it was this deep psychological problem and these severe headaches. Somehow the people who need this remedy (Abolition of the Ego) have a tendency to get headaches. These headaches dissolved, she started sleeping better and interacted with people more normally, but all that she didn’t see — her husband saw, but she didn’t see. And he’s a very sweet person…he used to joke and laugh about her, but never told her that she had a problem or took her to the psychiatrist. So maybe she was borderline, but this too shifted, her urinary problem is gone. But what I mean to say is that a urinary problem is something at the base of your spine, it’s connected to the nerves there, to the mooladhara in a way. And the thing is, the psyche is affected… the physical and the psyche are… again I’m starting to see how they are interlinked — you can’t disconnect the two, they are connected! And she had a urinary problem. The urologist told her, “You don’t have a urinary problem“, the gynaecologist told her, “you don’t have a gynaecological problem, that is not the problem.” But she was suffering from the pain of it. I have not explored… it’s not possible to explore… but there must be some trauma connected to it somewhere in the family. It can become very messy, this digging into the past, unless someone is very conscious. But there is the power in this remedy… it has this capacity to shift, to shift that energy. And this is one remedy that works: Abolition of the Ego is Abolition of the Ego. You can do it in little bits, you cannot do it all at once, but it makes you free. Also it has to be the right moment. It’s not just that you want to break the patterns, you look at the patterns and you want to take Abolition of the Ego — it doesn’t work like that. It has to be your moment to shift. Something in the being must be ready to make that shift, and then the remedy works.

N That must be true for all remedies?

V Yes, that’s right. That has been my experience till now. I do not know what the future holds. I am sure there will be many interesting things to discover.


It is like the bark of the tree (Abolition of the Ego) that is very pure. And then there are these scales on the bark you might have noticed. The scales keep dropping off and a new skin keeps emerging. That is exactly how the remedy works. The scales keep dropping off and something new keeps being born. It is a beautiful flower.

N I liked it a lot. There used to be some trees in the lake which used to grow close to the ground. It was beautiful. We would pull the cap off and it would burst forth into flower.


I think ‘Abolition of the Ego’ comes naturally as the psychic grows. It sort of grows gradually as the psychic comes forward.

V Yes, as your true self comes forward.

N The ego is also something hard that refuses to open.

V Yes, even with the flower it is only when the flower inside is ready that the cap can drop off. It is ready and …tak… the cap falls off. It was just waiting for the right moment.

So it can be taken only once as it was for the girl in my office or it can be taken for months as happened with the other lady. Then she was all right and stopped it for a year. The urinary problem came back and so the remedy had to be restarted. So year after year she takes Abolition of the Ego off and on. Amazing! And it helps her every time. It has been 5-6 years now. It helps. Then there came a period when it was not helping any more, i.e. she was not shifting from her problems any further. So we changed the flower to Divine Will acting in the Subconscient. Then it started working again.

N How conscious is she herself?

V Quite unconscious. She only knows that her symptoms disappear if she takes the remedy. So she feels good. The urinary problem disappears, she sleeps well, she doesn’t worry so much, she is calm. Otherwise she has a tendency to find fault with herself, going into phases of extreme sadness and over-activity. She is not getting upset with the people around her, she does not become anxious and nervous or agitated. So she takes the remedy. People who can consciously experience the effects of the remedy are rare, and to also give a feedback, are rarer still. Sometimes a sentence or two can trickle across with such people, but a detailed report comes from very few people. To really go in with the remedy, to feel the effect even though you have no problem, that is not so common.

Dr. Vandana has been working with the flowers to whom the Mother gave significances, for the last 19 years.

Nancy used to work as a teacher at the International Centre of Education, Pondicherry. She is a part of the Free Progress and started the Resource Centre.

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