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Flower remedies

Flower blessings ( A note on flower remedies from SAIIIHR)

Dr. Vandana Gupta

Editor’s note

This article is an experiential exposition of the work being done at SAIIIHR. The writer takes us on her journey through the flower remedies with different people.

Flowers are a gift of nature, an expression of the soul of the plant in a myriad colours, smells and feelings… a whole marvellous universe. They spill their joy and spontaneous laughter. Light fills us. Love embraces us. Disease and disharmony melt away. We can sense a deep, simple harmony and peace inside. Our environment changes. Our relationships change. Our work changes. Life changes. A miracle is wrought by a deeper contact with them. So simply! The dance of life flows through their essences – the flower remedies.

Case I

There was a beautiful woman with habitual constipation since childhood. She had lost more than three kilos in the year and had severe exhaustion after an attack of hepatitis. Born to parents who absolutely did not want children (her mother tried to abort her 2-3 times and her father was disturbed when she was born despite everything), she almost died at birth and was revived by the doctors. She was born with a pectum cavum which was operated unsuccessfully many times. Her father was constantly critical and her mother depressive. All her childhood passed with a feeling of being cut off from the world. Outwardly perfect, in dress, manner and behaviour, she always had difficulties with people that she loved. They put her down psychologically and even sometimes beat her physically. She could not come out of these bad relationships because she did not want to hurt them by leaving them.
On 19th June 2004, she started the flower remedy Intimacy with the Divine, when she was thirty-eight years old. About twenty minutes after the first dose, she felt,

“A strong boiling and bubbling sensation in the stomach with noise, which continued in changing intensity throughout the day. I had the image of a chemical reaction in the laboratory.”

Immediately after the second dose, a burning sensation around the chest began – as if someone had pulled the threads together. This lasted a few minutes only. There was no motion that day.

“The next day I had a sudden feeling of sadness, with crying which had no reason. I passed stool twice, but it was a little painful. That night I had an interesting dream – a friend of mine develops a gigantic water-treatment plant where all used water will be changed into drinking water. He discovered that by infusing large amounts of oxygen into the dirty water, impurities would be cleared out again. This project is about to be finished.
I am standing on the rim of a gigantic pool-like basin. The basin is tiled with shining light - blue tiles. All around the sides of the basin, I can see big jets coming out of the walls which would infuse the oxygen into the water.
It is the day when the basin is to be tested to see if there are any leaks. For this, clear water is pumped into the basin in big, big streams.

Suddenly I notice that the ground of the basin is not clean. I see that some panels of wood, like those used for shutters in building, are floating in different sizes in the quickly filling basin. I am angry that the workers had not cleaned the basin before. Then I find myself standing in the basin. The water has already reached the height of my ankles and literally bathes my ankles by swift moves. It feels nice and soft to stand like this in the water. I am grasping after some big panels of wood. Holding a few of them in my hands already, I suddenly get distracted. My hands keep the pieces of wood very tight so as not to lose them. Turning my eyes upwards, I realize the immense size of the basin-so huge. I see myself standing in a bird’s-eye view of the basin; being so, so small compared to the big basin. Again I look with my own eyes: all is huge in here and I am small. But I am not afraid of this, I am very quiet and watch the basin getting filled with wonder.”

The next day she felt emotionally quiet. Hunger had increased which was satisfied by eating, but only for a short time. In fact the next night she had to get up twice with a strong physical feeling of hunger.

“The stomach is roaring and bubbling as if starving. I waited until the feeling became unbearable. Then I got up with dizziness to eat two bananas”.

Motion once. This extreme hunger lasted two days. Then the sleep became calm. On waking the next day,

“I felt immediately that something had calmed down. As if a storm had become quiet. But you should have seen me… I looked like a towel taken out from a washing machine which has just tumbled.”

There has been no more constipation since then. The weight has come back. She has managed to come out of a traumatic relationship to build a healthier one. She has taken up interesting and challenging work that gives her much joy. As she says,“The past is falling off. Old relationships are dissolving. New people and structures are taking shape in a positive way.”

She continued Intimacy with the Divine for two months regularly, then intermittently. Her life has changed a lot in this time. Now she is a radiantly happy woman.

The mind is linear. Experiences are multi-faceted. One has to express happenings and experiences through the mind, so some distortion is inevitable. The closest expression is through patterns or evocative words that resonate to the true experience. Like sunlight on leaves moving in the wind, the remedies have shown themselves. The different shades and patterns have become clearer to me in the last twelve years of working with them. For example with the remedy of the Indian country rose – Perfect Loving Surrender or Surrender – one notices that people needing it resemble the rose itself. Delicate, gentle, soft - spoken, sensitive powerful women who appear to have no problems at all till you start listening to their complaints. Then a host of problems might emerge. The digestive system seems to be the most affected. They are sharp, critical and jealous inside. They want to be the best. They seem to create a protective feeling in the onlooker. Some people to whom this remedy was given reported:

“ An inner calm despite outer upheavals”
“This flower remedy carried me, I was like a baby”
“I see that my problems come from a repetitive pattern. I fear lack of love”.

Behind, deep inside, is a beauty and fragrance of the soul towards which they have struggled.

Case II

She had come to me for indigestion that had been since ever. Only a little acidity. A gentle charming teacher of thirty-five years.

“ I was born in west India. For five years I lived there with my parents and younger sister. From 1970 till today I have been staying in south India. I had a very happy, simple childhood and with divine Grace till today I outwardly had a pretty smooth - sailing life. I was never and am not a person who desires too much material comfort in things. I enjoy wearing good simple clothes, eat good food etc… but don’t crave for these things. All my suffering or struggle has always been on an emotional - vital level. Right from my early childhood, I had problems with moods swinging from one end to the other. My temperamental nature has affected all my close relationships. Earlier it was my parents and aunt. Now with my friends. I had been brought up by my aunt, and share a deeper bond with her than with my parents. As a child and teenager I was very quiet; I was allergic to human beings. I liked being a loner, to sit by myself at home. I loved to dream as a child of fairies. I used to read lots of fairytales and was absolutely unaware of the so - called harsh realities of life. Now I have changed. I am quite a talkative person. I like to analyse myself and others. I like to discuss interesting characteristics in human beings. I am a person who easily gets influenced. However I have an inner discernment which somehow saves me or, let’s say, keeps a check. It tires me to be talkative. If I talk about my state of being, it’s either when I am on a superficial emotional level, in which I am prone to anger, irritation, moods and disappointments, or I am in an inner deeper emotional state, where things are turned towards the Divine. In this state I see everything in its proper light: circumstances and relationships. Then my mind is exercised well: to understand, to tolerate, to read, to discriminate. Somebody once asked me, ‘What do you really transmit to the children in your work?’ I spontaneously feel it is love. This is the most precious thing. For me human love at its peak touches Divine Love.”

Another day she realised that, “All my emotions and hurt are due to a focus on myself.”

She started the remedy Perfect Loving Surrender on 7th August 2000. She felt the indigestion subside immediately. She also felt very calm.

Later, in the same month, she dreamt of vomiting, walking in the dirt, someone else vomiting; children spoiling the area with stools and urine. She was cleaning it. She said:

“I am not disturbed by these dreams. Despite them, I feel very good. I feel as if all the dirt inside me is coming out. I can be conscious of it. The sleep is very good. The dreams are very clear. I am more relaxed in the day.”

For all her problems, every time, it was Perfect Loving Surrender that helped. No other remedy gave the same immediate or long-lasting effects.

Since 2001, she has felt more stable emotionally. Yet the whole problem is not resolved. There is much work to be done.

The fabric of consciousness pervades all life. It links us to plant-life. It flows through the fabric of living and non - living matter. The water in which the flowers have been kept transmits their vibration to us in this simple manner. And like the flower, we too blossom. The effects can be profound, gentle or sudden, subtle or gross and longlasting or short, depending upon the thread of consciousness of which one is aware.

In the beginning, I was aware only of the physical effects. So the work with the flower remedies started from problems on the physical level. There were cures like the removal of mouth ulcers that had been there from childhood, relief of pain in many arthritic patients, blood sugar coming to normal, hypertension coming down, relief from life - long constipation etc. But there was no reason why a flower such as Integral Immortality (Gomphrena) should cure mouth ulcers, or Divine Love (Punica granatum) cure one person of constipation and have apparently no effect on another’s.

Questions like this shifted the work onto an inner vibrational level. The Mother had given significanes to flowers by entering into contact with them and giving a precise meaning to what She felt by coming into contact with the nature of the flower, its inner truth. So the inner exploration had to be done. In the last eight years, some people have joined the work. They can freely speak of their inner states while taking the remedy and are aware of the changes. They seem to vibrate to the flower essence and can express it. For example, a person narrated the effect of Spiritual Ascension on her as:

“I felt as if I was in another place: where I used to be when I was a child. A state of blank nothingness, into which I could escape. Nothing would touch me from the external world… a complete abstraction. I expected light in this state but there was none because some links were missing… and I know I must come down into the physical world to build those links. This place has light but I could not contact it. It is a matter of connecting to the whole – the whole must be conscious before the light comes. When I was in that state, I was not whole and this was unbearable. I was sheared.”

And then another person who took Spiritual Power of Healing off and on for nearly two months, followed by, Peace in the Physical:

“On 21/11/1998, I took Spiritual Power of Healing. There was immediately a light, vastness, tenderness, everywhere in the physical especially in the headbones, like melting power everywhere. Also in the parts of resistance (neck, wrists, ankles), there was a deep calmness.
The physical form changed to a soft calm shining substance without hard contours. It is an exact form of light, a soft expanded feeling of harmonious oneness, a fusion of all parts or all points. The feeling was very precise (clear dots). All the planes were clearly demarcated horizontally with the spine vertical and full of space.
Feeling of an opening in all centres continued, mainly throat, medulla and basic (earth) chakra. Flow of power everywhere in the body (inside and out was one space) Harmonious pulsations from above to below which were also one space. Joyful sweet strong descent. I focussed on Sri Aurobindo’s name. It came like a sinuous, spiral descent (the word, its sound and intonation were very exact).
The throat centre extroverted itself after Spiritual Power of Healing. A strong and wide opening into space. This mantra of ‘Sri Aurobindo’ came again. There came the feeling that ‘the spirit of the flower is one with the supreme spirit’. I felt one with the flower and with Sri Aurobindo. The mantra was a ‘power’ – strong, big, round. It was coming down. Then I asked, “what is the effect of the remedy and what of the Lord?’
This experience continued in the individual and universal body with the possibility of concentration on everything as one big conscious energy, but with all possible possibility of discrimination of parts, points and sections, depending on what one is looking or on what one wants to concentrate. A living, pulsating SILENCE in countless points in unending space.
This feeling stayed all the time but each time I took the essence, it intensified.
When I was in the outer world, permanently I was of the SUN world rather then in the bluff: I was aware of the continuous manifestation of the Truth in matter or the unfolding of possibilities in the new world. This perception increases when I take Spiritual Power of Healing. It gives a feeling of freedom.
All the time, which is no time, I feel thankful and free. Knowledge of eternal harmony is not realised yet but waits for realisation here in the world.
Constant inspiration.
The whole body feels free and present.
The neck is slower to join this movement. I have a very Indian way (accepting, allowing time to flow, an eternal connection to old civilisations, their essence).
Very very free.
I continued the remedy from 21.11.98 – 16.12.98.
I feel that my physical identity is changing. The feeling that comes is ‘Giving all into ThyWill’ I left this remedy on 16/12/98. These processes continued. I felt a very strong pressure (tears from left eye, burning inside the face) on 28/12. As the pressure was strong, I started Peace in the physical.
A slow mild vibration in the body. Parts where the pressure was strong could relax. A feeling of opening in the soft depths of the physical like entering the night, as an open space full of peace and the warm sun (shiny) tenderness. In the neck, there was much relief. This happened immediately.
Entering that soft darkness was like a promise of entering into beauty and being with someone very near and dear (the psychic?). The feeling becomes more and more conscious (It was like a promise) and replaces the pressure.”

In this way the work goes on with more people joining in a conscious inner exploration with the flower essences. We hope that these flower remedies will open the gate in us for Truth to manifest on the earth in the matter of our bodies. It is becoming increasingly clear that they have the capacity to align people and help them to feel the soul – within and without.

Disease melts away, disharmonies and discords dissolve; joy, light, peace and vastness can then progressively become a natural state.

Dr. Vandana has been working on the flower remedies for the last 18 years.

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