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Peace in the cells — an experience in the body consciousness

Betty Kraus


The author describes an experience in the cell consciousness which has led her to a new and more integrated view of illness and healing. At the time she felt some ‘panic’ in the cells, due to a temporary physical disorder. She viewed this panic ‘outside the body’ while feeling an absolute peace and the consciousness of the cells. It was a simultaneous experience. This has deepened her present healing work considerably. Being able to recall the experience and re-tune into the state has the effect of restoring order in the body more quickly. The atmosphere of this inner knowledge during her healing sessions is also supporting people in their own healing processes.

For about 15 years now, I have been offering a one-week ‘Transformational Seminar’ in Gozo, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea. In the year 2011, for some practical personal reason, I had changed the fixed date, which was usually at the end of October to a week later.  Therefore, I was in Gozo on 11.11.11. The island of Gozo is itself a very powerful place.

This date was in many aspects a highly intense day, particularly for me  being on this island, the highest point of which I experienced that night. It was the last evening of the week before returning to Germany with the participants of the seminar. Before ending the time we had successfully spent together, we were having a final session, sharing our thoughts about the week which had passed with intense experiences and healings. Each of us was asked to pull a flower card out of the Mother’s card set. The card I pulled out was Peace in the cells, which made me very happy, since I had studied the subject of ‘cell-consciousness’ so intensely.  

Before leaving the next morning, we wanted to celebrate so we took a walk to our friendly local restaurant. The weather conditions were strange: lots of lightning but no rain. You have to imagine: the island is only 8 x 12 km in size, so we were surrounded by water and there were literally hundreds of lightning flashes around us; the air was loaded with electricity. We jokingly spoke about transformation in the air and were thankful for our own transformation that we had been working on over the past week.  

In the restaurant I ordered the ‘Soup of the day’, which was made from green peas, nicely pureed. The cook had decorated the soup with white cream, which created a pattern that looked almost like a nerve cell. This made us giggle like crazy, since it looked like the picture of the card I had pulled out.  We enjoyed the wording even more — peas /peace in the nerves / cells. It was like a cosmic joke and we were laughing our heads off.

But then, within an instant, I felt miserable, my whole body system did not seem to work any more and I wanted to go out to get some fresh air. I got up, tried to walk but could not; my legs could not carry me and I fainted. At least it looked like that but I was very aware of what was going on around me. I remember that my friends took me out and put me down in front of the restaurant.  Several times I tried to get up but my body denied every action whatsoever. I heard my friends talking about calling an ambulance, since my pulse was disappearing but with all the power I had left I begged them not to do so. I wanted to go home the next morning and did not want to be in hospital.  After a dramatic interval, some of my strength slowly came back and the owner of the restaurant drove me back to our farmhouse where my ladies took good care of me. 

Angel hands

I was too worried to sleep because frequently my consciousness drew away although strangely, at the same time, I felt somehow very awake and clear. A few moments passed by. I heard a knock on the door and one of the lady friends came to me and said, “I had the impulse to bring you this”, and she started to place a white cloth1 over my bed linen. But somehow it looked like it was floating in the air, or as if angel hands were placing it gently, gently, over me. I felt as if I was covered in the finest energy ever. Immediately a beautiful peace entered inside me and everything was just fine. I was lying there with great clarity in my consciousness but with a tired body. I felt at peace and secure. Then suddenly something incredible happened.

I started to perceive the consciousness of my cells — it was an experience I had somehow in my body, but at the same time  I also felt it outside of my  body. It is difficult to explain. I was aware of some ‘panic’ in my cells, but it was outside of me, in me was absolute peace. I could feel the consciousness of the body, of the cells. It was extraordinary; I was totally breath-taken and yet it seemed so normal.  For many years I had studied the cellular work of the Mother2, and there I was, lying on the bed, lightning flashing all around me, almost fainting away and the Mother was showing me something that She had been sharing in her Agenda. It was an incredibly beautiful experience! It was somehow a continuation of my initiation with the consciousness of water3.

Often, when I have such an intense experience, I need time to digest and let it sit inside me for a while before I start reflecting on what it intended to show or teach me. I need to just have it quietly inside me, before talking about it or sharing it with others. I might share the form of the experience, but the content needs to take root; otherwise it seems to water down. Only when the experience seems to have nourished every part of me am I able (or willing) to bring it into the open. But this time it was slightly different, I immediately saw the effect in my work as a healer.

My inner research,

It seemed that all what I had wholeheartedly studied in the Yoga of the Mother, but could not put into words, was shown to me in my own consciousness. For example: the Mother speaks in Her Agenda about ‘fainting’, but that it is not fainting in the medical sense of looking at it, as She was always in a state of clear awareness of her body consciousness. I always had wondered how she was experiencing it. Often I had asked her to show me how to experience consciously the different realms. And now She had given me a view... maybe for a continuation of my inner research.

Many years back, I was shown the inside of a body cell and I knew instantly that when I reached the consciousness of only one cell and worked there then the whole cell system would be affected. That was many years back before I had even known about the Mother and especially Her Yoga, but I was not ready to do something with it. But it had opened my eyes in order to consider healing from a different point of view.

This experience on Gozo has now added new strength and certainty to my healing work.

When I experienced panic in the cells and the total peace in my consciousness at the same time, what I always sensed as a new way of healing became an embodied knowledge for me. For myself, I can re-tune to the experience and that helps me to restore order to the body more quickly.

So what I now do in my healing sessions is re-connect with the energy of this experience and this vibration seems to bring the person into deep relaxation where they can get into contact with that consciousness in themselves. When they are in this state of consciousness, the pain and worry disappear. This might last a considerable time (building the trust in the healing process) and gradually the intensity of the pain goes down. Sometimes it resolves the issue completely.

A new light

So by ‘a new way of healing’ I mean ‘healing through consciousness’ and further on to look at illness in a new light, as the Mother has taught us. To undergo panic in the cells and yet to be at total peace has allowed me to transfer this embodied vibration to my clients. I am neither a doctor nor a homoeopath, I like to call myself more a ‘consciousness pioneer’ rather than a healer. I see that the widening of my consciousness has a positive uplifting effect on those people who come to me either for healing or personal advice — without having to talk a great deal or use specific healing methods.

I feel tremendously blessed in having had the gift of this perception of cell-consciousness. It gives me a deeper understanding of the evolutionary work in the cells of our bodies and the trust that I can sustain peace in me, no matter how strong my cells might panic due to any disorder.

1 The cloth which was put on me by angels’ hands was a sari with the Mother’s symbol on it and came directly from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram!  

2 Mira Alfassa, born in Paris in 1878, and later known as the Mother, came to Pondicherry and developed the Integral Yoga with Sri Aurobindo.  

3 My journey with water. NAMAH 2009; 17(2): 30-8.  

Betty Kraus lives in the Black Forest area of Germany, near Freiburg. She has practised emotional healing in the USA and Europe for more than 30 years.

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