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The Mother’s Grace

Bhagabhati Sahoo, Jhunu Acharya


This piece recounts how illness, in this case a brain haemorrhage, can sometimes be alleviated by a simple intuition and an abiding faith in the divine Grace.

Bhagabhati’s experience

On the morning of 15th October, I got an unexpected phone call from my sister to inform me that her husband had been admitted to the Medical College Hospital at Cuttack. After that I didn’t hear from her at all. There had been an enormous cyclone, all the roads were blocked and there was no electricity. At that time, I remembered that she had called me six days back to inform about an episode of vomiting he had at his place of work.

When she finally got in touch again, I was told that my brother-in-law had been vomiting almost continuously since the first time she called me. Finally he was screened by a neurosurgeon at Cuttack who found a haemorrhage on the left side of his brain. My sister was told that it was small but complicated. He was not advised surgery but kept under medical care with drugs and injections.  

Every day I contacted my sister to hear if her husband was better. But he was still vomiting. This went on for about two weeks. I felt so helpless and I told my friends about my concerns. One evening, as I was walking to the Samādhi, my friend gave some unusual advice. She suggested that I ask my sister, as she sat beside her husband, to very lightly stroke his head with a single finger while calling the Mother’s name or repeating the word ‘Peace’.  

As soon as I got home, I conveyed the message to my sister.  She followed my instructions and by midnight, to her great surprise, her husband got out of bed exclaiming that he was feeling better and wanted to go home! After a few days, he was discharged from hospital and is still getting better and better. 

After this incident, they both turned towards the Mother with great gratitude. They considered it nothing less than a miracle. 

Jhunu’s experience

Isn’t it amazing when we get cured by a simple touch? For a long time I had heard about it but recently I came across it through an unknown Will.  

Quite recently, I was asked by a teacher if I might give his right leg some massage to assist his lymph drainage. After travelling by air for a long time, his foot was badly swollen and quite tender. The healing involved moving a finger from his toe, up his leg, towards his hip very slowly and lightly. In the first three sittings, there was much resistance and obstruction and I had to push the finger to move it upward. However, as I was leaving on the third day, he said his foot felt more comfortable and had felt the fluid moving slowly up his thigh and there was less pain too.

On the fourth day of healing, I was surprised to observe his foot had no swelling. My finger moved very smoothly and easily. I did not have to apply any effort.  We were very happy; all the channels seemed free. 

After a few days, my friend told me that her brother-in-law had been admitted to hospital. She explained the details. She was very sad and helpless. 

At the end of the day, as we were heading to the Ashram for pranam, I remembered my experience at the earlier healing. I suggested to my friend to tell her sister to give a feather-touch stroke above and on her husband’s head while repeating the Mother’s name or the word ‘Peace’. When I said this, I felt a conviction in my voice and became very peaceful. 

My friend has explained the rest and ends this happy story. 

I understand that the couple has now turned towards the Mother. They realise the power in Her name and the power that is present in a simple touch given with love and sincerity. 

Bhagabhati Sahoo and Jhunu Acharya are both ashramites at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry.

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