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The power of prayer

Rahul Chinappa

Editor's note

The power of prayer has been recognised since man’s quest for a higher and deeper sense in life began. But it is only relatively recently that this has been taken up and studied systematically by physiologists and neuroscientists alike. In this particular piece, the author gives his point of view.

When we meditate, our breath, at first fast and shallow, becomes more slow and deep. Everyone in the world usually lives in their left-side brain, which is logical, linear, and rational, and which produces high frequency beta waves (12-38 cycles/sec) that create conflict during prayer or meditation. But correct breathing slows down the brain and begins to balance the right side of the brain with the left and so the alpha wave level (8-12 cycle/sec) increases. The physical composition of molecules changes inside our body, as the super-consciousness, the eternal nature, observes everything.

During meditation or prayer, the mantra we chant is immaterial (although of course every mantra has its own vibration) but one-pointedness is what really matters. This one-pointedness or power of intention restores balance in the brain, thereby inducing chemical changes. One hundred trillion cells of our body are influenced by this chemical change and so a healing process takes place. When the prayer takes us deeper or the meditation becomes more profound, the alpha wave level also increases; it proceeds to theta and delta wave levels (1-8 cycle/sec) and breathing becomes relatively less. We can observe people who appear to be asleep during meditation, but this is not sleep but a transcendental state of mind. At this level, the conscious mind meets the super-conscious. Now, at this point, at our own pace, we can connect with our original blueprint.

During meditation, our conscious mind, although influenced by the frequency of the super-conscious mind, is low and closer to matter — our physical body — and the super-conscious frequency is very high and fine, so this process is witnessed more on an unconscious level and the conscious mind will not get full benefit of the healing immediately. So this is no one-day miracle, it is a continuous one because, as we surface onto the conscious level, even though we have received a touch of the super-consciousness, we come back to a normal level and emerge into the collective madness.

Sometimes a single prayer can bring an instant miracle but at other times continuous prayer is necessary. It all depends on the person’s receptivity, karma and faith. All kinds of prayer, meditation, yogāsanas, yognidrās, prāṇāyāmas and other breathing exercises will be beneficial or create miracles only when we do them with faith. On the conscious level, we live unconsciously as we merge with negative dimensions that produce all kinds of trouble. On the other hand, during prayer or meditation, we live consciously on the super-conscious level and that brings a positive change to mind and body… hence to life itself.

During prayer or meditation, we also experience universal love. We know that love has a high frequency and fear a lower one. Which God we worship, what religion we follow is immaterial. What matters is our consciousness; because in conscious living, through prayer, meditation or mindfulness, we touch the eternal wisdom and we are healed.

Mr. Rahul Chinappa is a freelancer who is currently working on changing his DNA through the forces beyond.

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