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Vibrations and healing

Bernhild Whitworth

This article is a brief survey into the realm of vibration and its effects on animate and inanimate matter. A comparison between ancient knowledge and discoveries in modern physics shows that the gap between spirituality and science finally turns out to be a bridge between two opposites.

The effect of sound on matter

To begin with, I would like to give a list of only a few interesting examples that might be useful to describe and explain this rather delicate subject, which deals with light emerging from darkness, like the radiant white lotus rising from the mud. Lead us from darkness to light, from ignorance to wisdom!

Dark energy and dark Matter(1) occupy 96% (74% and 22% respectively) of our universe and represent the vast, dark, invisible space around us. But actually there is no empty space. This black void holds a gigantic web of energy, in which we are the rarest substance of the visible part of creation. Starting with an idea, thought is energy materialised and shaped by sound. After that, the Word becomes matter and consciousness expresses itself in visible form. Modern physics is catching up with the knowledge of the Vedas, where this process and wisdom were already expressed a couple of millenniums ago!

On the Internet, I came across a highly interesting site on Scotland, with various articles, comments and video-clips on the particular architecture of this small, generally unknown chapel that caught my attention. Rosslyn Chapel. Could it be possible that this unpretentious building is the guardian of the Holy Grail and source of eternal life, health and power? I wonder and I leave the answer to the critical reader’s imagination. Yet all things are possible to an open mind!

The chapel was founded in 1446 by William St.Clair, a descendent of the Knights Templar. There are 13 geometric patterns carved onto the faces of the cubes in the arches. These patterns correspond exactly to patterns and formations in sand caused by vibration, pitch and certain frequencies of carrier waves. These frequencies generate sound and some sort of melody, that seems to have health restoring, harmonising effects. A mediaeval music code may be locked up in stone, a message that holds the secret of creation. The language of the gods may have been cast in stone by the ancient masters, made visible for us, so that we can understand the mystery of life.

Music, chanting, singing are applied in psychic as well as physical healing and their effect has been observed on plants and animals alike. Sound affects the vibration of the aura. It influences atoms and molecules and can change the structure of cells. When you float Tibetan singing bowls on water, their sound forms patterns and ripples on its surface. They, too, are used for healing purposes and can be placed on ailing parts of the body.

Cymatics is the science of sound. In numerous experiments, sound was made visible in awesome patterns of sand, iron filings and water. Circles, spirals, ripples and waves were created according to different tunes, a certain word, the AUM of the Vedas or any mantra.

The Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, experimented with water and a number of words — love-gratitude-hate-aggression, etc. — and described their effect on water crystals.

Jewish cabbalists insist that words, even just single letters of the Holy Scriptures are fragments of the infinite Breath of Life. The recitation of sacred texts provided the necessary help in the healing process of a person, who had gone ‘out of tune’.

In ancient China and Egypt, music, sound and colour were applied in so-called temples of healing, not only for the sick but also as a preventive measure for healthy people. Self-healing and immunisation were achieved by synchronising the frequencies of the cells back to their healthy state of vibrant resonance with nature and the universe.

These are the results of an attempt by modern physics and esoteric research to answer the timeless question of what is matter and what is the formative agency behind all visible things in this universe. What influences our environment and our bodies? What is this energy power, that can bring about a shift in our somatic and psychological imbalances and induce the restoring process?

When we recite sacred mantras, holy syllables,or do japa, a mysterious process takes place within our physical frame as well as in the space around us. It is through sound that we materialise what we think and feel — we create ripples on the surface of the universal consciousness! This is why it is so important to watch our thoughts and emotions. We have to become conscious of our individual, subtle world, of the ripples within, before they get translated into the visible and tangible substance outside our little fishbowl.

Once (upon a time) we were ‘in tune’ with the universal melody, the symphony of the stars, the divine plan. We were walking hand in hand with our Creator in a harmonious environment called ‘Paradise’. That was before we had developed an ego and became individual beings separated from their origin by our own desires, plans, expectations, likes and dislikes. We were manifesting the same vibration, had the same wavelength and the same frequency around us and within.

The transforming power — the miracle of self-healing

A piercing ray, a pillar of Light descended into darkness — the slumbering ignorance of mankind. Yet this ignorance is only the temporary veil of a more complex intelligence and all-encompassing consciousness. A paradox for our mind and logical thinking —a fathomless source of revelation for our inner eye and seeking soul — all-pervasive, omni-present.

What the so-called ‘alternative’ healing methods try to evoke and stimulate, through remedies and touch, are the body’s own healing powers and the results are remarkable.
Can we accept the idea that we are the creators of our bodies, our world and our fate? Can we be so open to this higher power and energy that we become perfect instruments for the consciousness which is the essence behind it all? Can we break down the walls and iron grills of our ego and intellect and develop into malleable instruments for the river of light? Where there is harmony, there is no disease or suffering. When there is the one sound vibrating in us, there is life, health and harmony. Where there is light, darkness has to go.

Inner harmony — physical and mental health

1. The effect of prayer

Life-denying emotions increase disease, life-approving emotions reflect harmony. The feeling of gratitude in your heart will promote the healing of your body. This explains the power of prayer.

We have to become the prayer, the belief, that we are already healed. Hope is not enough because it still harbours a grain of doubt. In our prayers we have to develop a direct access to the language of the universe in order to be understood. The underlying web of creation, the divine matrix, will only answer our call like a mother, when we speak the same language, share the same wavelength as our creatrix.

The Philokalia, a collection of experiences and lectures of the early Church and desert-fathers, starting from the 3rd to the 15th century, provides a deep insight into the mystical and practical knowledge of Christianity and the effect of prayer.

The manuscript of True Stories of a Russian Pilgrim, which was presented under mysterious ways to the Starez Amvrosij of Optina (1812-1891) in Russia, describes the secret power of the Jesus prayer and its phenomenal effects on mind, psychic and body. The power of the incessant ‘Prayer of the Heart’, which becomes one with your very being seems to possess unlimited possibilities. Unfortunately this profound wisdom got lost with the rising authority and blind dictatorship of the developing institutional Church.

Scientists were absolutely stupefied by the results of an experiment, where DNA was introduced into the vacuum of an empty tube. The photons inside the tube aligned themselves in a double helix. Even when the DNA was removed, the photons remained aligned, the ‘DNA- Phantom –Effect’.

More astonishing experiments show that everything in this universe is linked, is part of a gigantic web. DNA isolated from its donor was placed in a room on a different floor of the building. When the donor received an electric shock his DNA reacted instantaneously, as if time and space didn’t exist.

Even emotions have a traceable influence on our DNA. Anger and depression tighten its structure, influence the internal technology, that changes our bodies. Love and gratitude provoke relaxation and the harmonious arrangement of molecules.

Feeling is the union of thought and emotion. When we pray, when we say grace for what we have already received, we can feel the blessing of the gift, the love and care from the divine source.

There are different kinds of prayer: colloquial, petition, ritualistic prayer and silent meditation. There is prayer for rain and prayer for peace. For example, when in an experiment, a couple of years ago, 6000 people in a mass gathering in Washington DC meditated on peace, crime rates and the number of accidents dropped for that day . The shamans in South America dance and sing their prayers to their gods and are heard a few hours or days afterwards.

In Mozart’s Magic Flute, as in many fairy and folk tales, the beast, the dragon, the monster, the evil rogue gets transformed by the sound of music, bells, flutes, violins. We can pray, chant with our own voice but also through the voice of a musical instrument.

Prayer can change the field of vibration around us. It is an internal technology, independent of religion, culture and belief. We must become the very thing we want to manifest. Then a power not limited in time and space can arrange the great shift, can evoke the healing of our bodies, this world and the universe.

2. The touch of love — the heart of the universe

A Power, loving and caring, accompanies us, guides us in all we do. Like a mother it patiently watches every little step, each hesitant and insecure movement of her children towards their luminous future and goal. The map, the pattern is woven in the dark web of the invisible realm of infinite possibilities. We choose one and yet are free to choose any of them. All of them are right but some paths will turn out to be more difficult, others will be long and painful deviations. If we choose our ego as a guide, decide on our own ignorant whims and ideas, we will have to suffer emotionally and physically. The choice is ours. Trial and error, disease and death — our heads weren’t designed to bash against walls but to use our brain and choose the right door to walk out of the maze….

To open up to that power inside, feel that loving and protective hand that touches us almost imperceptibly in rare moments of mental lucidity and emotional sensitivity, is the key to happiness, harmony and health. It is the gate to success in our spiritual quest and to our final destiny as inhabitants of a new and brighter world.

(1) In astronomy and cosmology, dark matter is hypothetical matter that is undetectable by its emitted radiation, but whose presence can be inferred from gravitational effects on visible matter. Dark matter and dark energy could account for the vast majority of the mass in the observable universe. The vast majority of the dark matter in the universe is believed to be non-baryonic, which means that it contains no atoms and that it does not interact with ordinary matter via electromagnetic forces. The non-baryonic dark matter includes neutrinos, and possibly hypothetical entities such as axions, or supersymmetric particles. Unlike baryonic dark matter, non-baryonic dark matter does not contribute to the formation of the elements in the early universe and so its presence is revealed only via its gravitational attraction. In addition, if the particles of which it is composed are supersymmetric, they can undergo annihilation interactions with themselves resulting in observable by-products such as photons and neutrinos (‘indirect detection’). As important as dark matter is believed to be in the universe, direct evidence of its existence and a concrete understanding of its nature have remained elusive.


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The articles, reports and videos you can find here, can be recommended for further reading and studies, as they have helped me a lot in my understanding and investigation into this highly interesting matter.

Bernhild Whitworth is a teacher interested in alternative healing methods and tries to combine her research with the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the transfomation of the body.

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