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'All is a single plan'

Angelika Kolb


The author writes about her journey to the consciousness in the soul and the different aspects of healing that have accompanied it. Her path has taken her from the common form of homoeopathy to finding the essence contained in the remedies themselves. From these findings and the opening of her consciousness, hands-on healing guided by the Divine followed. This was later joined by the power of healing through words and photos. Recently she has arrived at the healing form of Light-Points. Ultimately though, the author concludes that everything resides in the Divine and no method or means is better or worse than any other.

The path of each one of us is so unique — so special — and we never know where our next turn will take us.Why would I like to share my story with you? Because I hope that you too can embrace the unique path of your soul. No matter at which turn or crossing you stand in this moment — we can be sure it is just perfect.

The beginning

My dream after finishing school was to study medicine but my grades were not good enough to enter university. Medicine was always in my heart — and during my life a lot of illnesses brought me to treatments that were filled with antibiotics, vaccinations and operations. At one point the doctors tried to stop my allergies with hyposensibilization — with a near-death experience as well as massive food allergies as a result. Some bodies are too sensitive to such treatment and heavy reactions are the result.

My path brought me to a wonderful doctor and homoeopath who restored my health and the experience reminded me of the path I really wanted to take. Within me, there was always this deep feeling that there was more to life and that being a secretary was not what I was supposed to do. The divine soul then chose a path I would have never imagined! I lost my job and nothing could be done to get another — I was only given enough work to financially secure a very tight survival. I then decided to go to evening classes in my spare time in order to learn what I love so much. I became a natural therapist and homoeopath.

But the soul is a funny little thing when its path is not seen — and one of the things it does in order to be seen is that it presents to you over and over again the things you want to learn, you want to remember, you want to change and to finally release them. The soul wants to be lived and in order to point out what she wants to learn, sentences often slip the mouth like “Why does this always happen to me?” or “Why does this not stop?” Thoughts also come like “I have the feeling I know this (him/her/the place)” or shivers come down the spine and a burning in the heart is felt if we are totally connected to our True Being. And our True Being recognises the Truth! Our True Being — our soul — knows exactly what it wants — every second of its existence — even on this planet that we call the earth. And when we listen carefully, open our consciousness and are alert then we follow its signposts easily. We meet people who remind us of our true talents and follow the path of our soul. We read books of sages and teachers — and each word triggers a memory within our cells and the call of the Divine and our True Being gets stronger and stronger. And with all this, comes divine wisdom and knowing.

The divine essence in homoeopathy

Since homoeopathy cured me of my allergies and other illnesses, it was exactly what I wanted to learn and give to other people. For me, it also brought healing onto emotional and physical levels that conventional medicine could never reach. Also there was a deep feeling that this was something ‘known’ to me.

Books were bought, loads of them, seminars and workshops booked but I soon realised that this was not what felt so easy and fluent. For example, so many illnesses have grief or trauma as a cause of their symptoms, so many have headaches, burning pain, sensations of one kind or other, or the different kinds of pains. In order to find the right remedy, one has to read, select, look up the synthesis and MateriaMedica — which takes a lot of time — unless one has expensive software that does all the calculating for you.

My feeling was always that for each remedy there must be an essence — one thing so special that it overrules all the other aspects. But reading books and searching the Web did not bring enlightenment. My longing for the essence of each remedy brought the Mother’s book about flowers into my hands. There I found the proof and assurance that I was on the right path — that each living thing on this planet has at least one specific essence. Plants, animals and minerals especially have one specific essence. It is my understanding that humans have more than one depending on what the soul brings along to this incarnation. The essence of the soul — its presence chosen for this life — is brought forward in humans as talents, gifts, knowledge and innate wisdom.

But how can one find the essence of each remedy? The answer for me was to connect to the remedy itself. Connect not in the mind but with the heart and feelings. Not the emotions, because they are another level of being. Let us take for example, Arnica. Looking at the plant, looking at where it grows, its colours, the surroundings, really connecting, showed me that Arnica is the plant for shock on all levels — even the shocks that have taken place in a past life or on other levels of existence. The reach of the essence is that wide — it can go way, way back on many levels. A person needing Natrum Muriaticum, on the other hand, must have been paralysed by something that has happened in the past. Using this remedy,the state of paralysis can be dissolved by its essence — again on all levels. Ignatia has built a world of its own around itself because the grief was too much and the reality was unbearable. Causticum cannot bear injustice and has suffered severely under that problem — the essence of this remedy can help to see the grand picture behind everything and that injustice is just one perspective of the situation.

The essence of all can bring back peace and harmony – and equilibrium on all levels. Not that I have deciphered all of the remedies — but when being with a client and with no idea beforehand of what this client needs or what the essence of all his or her problems could be — then by opening the consciousness the information starts to flow in. Pictures, colours, words, feelings and a knowing emerges — even if necessary information from past lives — in order to get to the core of the problem to find the essence of all. And with that, the remedy comes along often by itself.

And just as everything is energy — so too is the essence. For some people it is vital to get the physical potency in form of some globule or other because the body needs this form. But others can be given the essential energy by ‘energising’ pure water. Masuro Emoto has proven with his experiences that this is possible. So just take a glass of water in your hands and ask for the essence that you need in the potency you need. And do not wonder if the potency goes into the millions as times have changed since homoeopathy was initiated by Samuel Hahnemann. The energy on earth has risen and with it the global consciousness — therefore it is only natural that our native remedies also need to change. And this brought me to my next step — because some people would not respond to homoeopathy any more and I was always on the lookout for something else.

The search took me to other healers, seekers and teachers. And, oh boy, it took me quite some time to recognise that some of them were false — especially the teachers. ‘False’ only in the sense that they were not aligned with the Truth — but correct for me because they all threw me back onto myself. They helped me to remember my talents, to feel and to trust what was inside of me.

When I had the feeling that homoepathy was not the end, they said things like “Homoeopathy is not enough for you” or “You need to go bigger”. My mind did not understand a thing they said and the only question it had was “How do I do that and what are they talking about?” But my heart knew that in a sense they were speaking a truth. Homoeopathy not big enough? But anybody practising it knows it means a lifetime of study and understanding — so how could it not be ‘big enough’?

But that is always the trick on the path — understanding the messages one receives. To identify what comes from the ‘dark’ side, to take you off the path — and what is of the Light.

What always helped me was turning to the Mother and Sri Aurobindo for guidance — and in Their writings I have always found an answer. Or answers are sometimes sent in the form of a song, a line in a book, a phrase on TV — God has such a sense of humour when answering our prayers!

So, by finding the essences, working with homoeopathy on a physical and etheric level, showed me why homoeopathy taught in the old ways was not ‘big enough’ any more. After some time, I could see that having connected to the homoeopathic remedies, it opened the door to feeling and knowing — not emotions. The doors had opened to feeling and seeing other souls and understanding their experiences and their path. Expanding the consciousness brought the realisation of the red thread in our lives and I understood bit by bit the bigger pattern of things. I began to understand why my clients had chosen their experiences or why an illness of the body or mind had to manifest. I started to trust the knowledge arising inside more and more. And finding out that some people do not respond to homoeopathy — at all, no matter what potency, allowed me to continue. So the search was not finished.

The path continues to creative healing

And so came photography and writing. It all started, like so many things in life, just for fun and pleasure — I had never envisaged it becoming a healing tool. My teachers at school had always said that my grammar was a mess and my way of writing quite rotten — that I would never become a writer. Art teachers had always dubbed me ‘non-creative’ — and those are only a fraction of the sentences and structures that emboss our lives with false beliefs, a fraction of what needs to be undone to come to our True Being. But if we stick to our own feeling we will find ourselves and that is the path of our soul.

Some people react sensitively to the essence of pictures and/or words. And in combination the two can create a totally new energy that can transform the viewer/reader. But what was I to do with this combination to nourish a talent for seeing the soul? What was I to do with my photos of nature where the light differentiates in her innumerable aspects?

Yet again, the Divine provided the answers in a unique way. Clients now ask me to write down what their soul wants to tell them, as they cannot distinctly feel or hear it — like a mediator. So that was the start of soul-calendars as well as soul-posters. By connecting to the other soul, ‘it’ chooses a photo (either of my pool or one that has touched the person), which is placed as a background picture.

Then the other soul conveys a text containing its essence, talents, wisdom, etc. It mostly starts with ‘I AM’ and then the text becomes as unique as the soul. For example, “I am a true being of the light. My essences are hope, courage, divine humour and devotion. By living my talent of teaching and healing, I will be able to let go of old fears and broaden the consciousness of others.”

Photos/pictures in themselves need no word or explanation, no mind to understand their essence. One only needs an open heart and the readiness to receive what they are emanating. By combining it with a ‘soul-text’, the reader/viewer can begin to feel his or her true essence again. It opens the doors to the heart. They can start living their True Being, their talents, their uniqueness — and not what society and family has put upon them. Inspirational texts given by the Divine can undo false belief-systems and open the doors to the higher vibration of faith. They can be a constant reminder in daily life of the necessity of undoing old patterns.

Hands-on healing

Another field that has opened me to an expanded consciousness is the knowledge of hands-on healing. This path started ages ago with reiki, which I never used, as it somehow felt ‘off’. Then I took Qi Gong classes where one learns to feel the flow of Universal Energy. I continuously watched other healers at work and always asked the Divine for guidance and answers. One answer for my soul was that touching was not actually necessary, just holding hands with closed eyes in front of a body — or standing behind someone was sometimes all that was required.

By giving oneself to the Divine, suddenly the hands start to move and find those spots where the body is out of balance, hurting or where the energy is blocked. By devoting oneself to the Divine and asking it for guidance, the hands then start to move by themselves. Anything can happen: a touching of the body, the ‘pulling-out’ of an old energy or dark occupants, twirling movements, the feeling that something is put into the hands and then into the body.

There is no way to explain why or what is happening — because the moment the mindstarts asking and intervening, then suddenly the hands stop and no more energy is flowing. If the Divine is working through us then ‘miracles’ can happen — although they are no miracles because our path has already been agreed before we incarnate on earth. Because of this, the healing has already been scheduled and planned.

Transformation via Light-points — the divine Energy in deep action

The most recent ‘method’ that has crossed my path at a fair is something I call Light-points. I came across this concept from the USA and it is known by another name. But something within me did not feel comfortable with the organisation behind it and the way it was being handled. But what felt right and so deeply known to me was the outcome of touching those points. I feel that it re-structures the cells at the atomic level — and not only for a short-term result, but continuously. This healing offered something I had been looking for — deep, consistent changes on a physical level. It was yet another answer to my prayers!

When asking the Divine what needed to be changed initially to suit my way of working, more points than the initial US one were shown. ‘Money’ was re-named to ‘matter’ because it is about the changing of matter on all levels — and not money. Other words came. Things like forgiveness, immortality and lightness were shown as new points.

The Light-points are spots on the head and body, which lie on the meridian lines. In those points, all of our thoughts, belief-systems, structures, experiences from all levels and all lives which are important for this life are stored. By connecting to the divine Source — without any expectation — one becomes a channel and the highest light can flow to and through these points. The Light knows exactly what needs to be swept away — what must be transformed and structured anew. The wonderful thing about this work is the fact that we do not have to know where all these old things are coming from, what they mean, why they are present — they are just gently released. Explanations are not necessary; it bypasses the logical mind, expands the consciousness and is very soft so changes can be made more easily. This work can be a wonderful release on all levels for trauma patients. They can take back their lives and not feel like victims anymore — they can rise to their own power again. Because of this, I refer to this work as the ‘cleaning of our cellar by the Light’.

What is right on the path?

In the beginning of my journey, there was an uncertainty about whether everything that crossed my path was ‘right’. Looking back, everything was just perfect — not easy, not always light — but perfect for the path of the soul, for the inner growing and expenditure of the True Being. With it, has come a deeper knowing of what to do — and the distinction of what is of the light and what of the dark. Trust came when I slowly accessed the courage to act upon this knowing and the feeling that deeply resides inside. It came by the feedback of those I worked with or when messages were conveyed. It came when healing spontaneously took place — or a change of consciousness — the opening of the heart. It came when there was a clear hint of the direction back to the True Being — of the glistening of the soul. Knowing that, it has never been ‘my’ doing — but always the work of the Divine.

Everything is Divine

On the path there were so many different kinds of healings and methods on offer. What to choose — what to do — what is genuine and what is not? I have come to realise that treatments and methods have thousands of names and at some point in our time, one becomes more prominent than others. They become prominent chiefly because marketing, especially the American marketing, discovers them. What is not understood is that everything has always been there — it is not new. It has just adapted to the state of consciousness that resides for the time being on this planet. It inevitably grows in potential, but it is not new. It depends on the healer and the state of consciousness.

All is one — nothing is separate so in the end, all the different healings — no matter how they are called and how they are done — have all the same essence behind them, the Truth. If performed with a loving and genuine heart anything can happen at any moment and in any surroundings. We only have all these different methods because each one of us is unique. And just as one person responds to homoeopathy — the other might respond to conventional medicine — the next to fighting with a cushion and finding answers — the next again by walking in nature or Bach Remedies, etc., etc. These different healings have many names — but in the True Light there is only one — the ‘Divine’! Call upon it also in healing — and it will answer the way you need it, the way you will understand it and it will be able to perform.  

Angelika Kolb is a natural healer living in Bavaria, Germany, where she has her own practice and publishing service.

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