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Body consciousness work

Dr. Vandana Gupta


This article briefly touches on the connection of our physical body to our psychic being. It speaks of how the physical body can be made well by this connection.

This is a work of training to sense how the body is living. The training includes a learning to observe the body without imagination, without creating images, without judgment, just to be real in the body. This work is done in different steps. Only the guidelines are given here. The exact process is described in a book, The Body Speaks1.

The first step in this work is to connect to the physical body. Even though it seems simple, it is the most difficult because most often we live in the mind or feelings, not the body.So, we do a small exercise of connecting to the body with the eyes open, touching, feeling and moving the different parts of the body; then again with the eyes closed. We can observe how the perceptions are different. This slight difference is also going to be there when we work with the inner senses. We must keep the outer connection alive.

So easily we can imagine things. Many are also used to visualisations. If we do not connect to the body, there is a whole inner world which reveals itself when we go inside with the senses. And if we are not to drift into these inner worlds, then we must keep a base and that is the physical body.

In this work, the perception must be real. It should not be something you impose upon yourself. The experience should be real. There are many experiences in the inner worlds which are real but we are going to focus on the ones that are connected to the physical body.

The second very important thing is that the physical body always, invariably, reflects the Truth. There is no distortion in the physical body, very rarely. It is showing things as they are. It is also responding to the truth by harmonising itself when we speak or act truthfully.

The principle of this work is that I am the soul that incarnates into the physical body. So, when what I call as ‘me’, the true ‘me,’ enters into any other part, that part automatically starts resonating to the Truth-vibration. It is not like I have to ‘do’ something. Just by being there I have the capacity to make it well. But this happens only when I connect to the Truth, not to an illusion.

So, when ‘I’ connect truly to a suffering in the physical body by the senses, it automatically gets aligned, i.e. it becomes well. This is the reason why even if the truth is painful, it heals, whereas something partially true can ease the pain or suffering, but the problem has a tendency to come back. Different methods of healing, whatever they are, until they touch that which is true, do not last or lead to a full cure.

The magic of this work is that the moment you are with ‘you’ and connected to the part that is ’ill’, it becomes well, effortlessly, spontaneously and permanently.

Another person can help in this. A conscious person’s presence helps because it keeps the same alignment for you. But the person who is working with his/her body is the only person to really ‘know’ (others also have the power to know but you definitely have the power to know what is happening in your body). And when you speak with this connection to the physical body (you can use words, colours, hearing, feeling, any of the senses…) to express to it what you have sensed, automatically that part comes into resonance with the whole. The physical body actually becomes well. Tumours, spinal dislocations, pains, anything in the body can potentially become well just by your connection to it. There is not much doing, there is only Being. But that Being has to be true and real. It has to be a Presence. If there is any work it is to keep checking and counter-checking (not with your mind but with your inner sense), am I perceiving Truly?

No judgments

The hallmark of this work is to perceive things without judgments of right and wrong, good and bad, any cultural pattern, without any bias, without saying to yourself, ‘Oh this should not be’, ‘Ah this is so bad’, ‘Ah this is so painful’, ‘It’s so dark’, ‘It’s so heavy’. These exaggerations we don’t need. But we can certainly say, ‘It’s heavy, it’s dark, it’s blocked, it’s painful’. Whatever is the real perception can be expressed.

It is like a scientific perception. But the difference between a scientific perception and this way of perceiving is that in a scientific perception you are at a distance from the object and here it is your own self. You are embracing the observed. There is a deep compassion. It is an embrace. It is not, ’I want this but I don’t want this’. It is about Being. You are in the presence of the difficulty ‘fully’ and yet you are observing it precisely. This is another very important point.

When you are in this state of being and observing and embracing the whole, the dissonance finds its place. Because nothing is outside existence. Everything is as it is but only in a wrong place. It is like a painting. There are many colours and patterns. We are bringing the dissonances into harmony. Actually it happens by itself, effortlessly. We don’t have to go looking for its place or do anything but be present. The consciousness does it by itself.

That is why this work is a consciousness work and not an awareness work. The awareness is used only as a tool for the perception. But finally we shift from awareness to consciousness.

Consciousness is Being, it is existence. From Being comes the action. Action rests on inaction. From nothingness comes the creation/manifestation. It is this principle that is at work.

From beingness to harmony

The body is moved by the eternal self. Just as the world is moved by the Presence. Everything is a play of this presence with itself. In this play some things create pain and suffering; some create happiness. In reality, pain and happiness keep shifting. The perception shifts. When we are in a state of beingness, without judgment but observing, things fall into place. They are in a rhythm and harmony. They move to their base or source. Thus when we use this way of healing, we not only heal ourself, but also the environment. This is strange but real. My physical body, my mind, my emotions can be in balance because I am in my centre. There is a radiant happiness that is without cause as I am with ‘Myself’.

The work is a process.

There are steps to go towards consciousness. I start to train my senses to observe without imagination, without ‘creating’ images, just to be real in the body and be with the senses. Finally, only the pure perception remains. Then you do not need the senses. You are just there. At that moment all is well. You are connected to the Eternal in the physical. Your body has become a channel for the Infinite.

1 Vandana Gupta Dr. The Body Speaks... Healing through Knowledge. Revised 2nd ed. Pondicherry: Healing Center, Bommayarpalayam, Tamil Nadu; 2016.

Dr. Vandana Gupta is a healer practising at the Healing Center near Auroville at Bommayarpalayam, Tamil Nadu.

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