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Conjunctive Treatment for Covid-19: Integral Yoga and bio-energetic technique

Joachim P. Seckel

Editor’s note

There are so many ways of looking at healing. Nature follows different lines and each one of us picks up one of these and develops a system around it. This article is a novel and fresh way of looking at problem of the current pandemic. It combines kinesiology techniques and energy-healing practices with certain conceptions of Integral Yoga. Of course the method that Sri Aurobindo and the Mother gave about dealing with such illnesses and epidemics is very simple and mainly consists of replacing fear with faith, having trust and confidence in the Grace, remaining quiet within and invoking the Grace through prayer and calling the Divine Force. We see in this article another way of understanding and an experimental way to stay clear of the virus threat. It must be noted however that this is the author’s personal view and something that is still in the pre-experimental stage, more at an ideative level than practical.


Designed to develop and test a treatment procedure for Coronavirus (Covid-19), the project applies a dual conjunctive approach, involving the dynamic action of Integral Yoga and a bio-energetic technique (distant modified NAET). The overall procedure is divided into seven stages, as summarised below.

Project stages

1. As a devotee of Integral Yoga, the project practitioner will — both initially and during the procedural stages — ask the Divine Mother for her guidance and Grace to implement the healing (Appendix 1). The treatment can only be carried out by qualified practitioners who are devotees.

2. Certified as a professional healer, the practitioner specialises in such fields as standard medicine, Oriental healing, Physical Therapy, or Chiropractic.

3. He or she should have thoroughly reviewed and prepared for the application of the project procedures.

4. The practitioner should obtain the bio-energetic vial for coronavirus; also, he or she will own or will have bought the basic vial sets for bio-energetic healing, involving the modified NAET method.

5. The practitioner will verify the patient’s coronavirus infection, based on bio-energetic distant muscle-testing (Appendix 2)-and, if feasible, with lab-testing.

6. The practitioner will arrange for follow-up testing of the patient at specified intervals.

7. The practitioner will maintain a case-study record of the patient’s response to project treatment.

Other aspects

Supplementary aspects for project imple-mentation are considered below:

a. The practitioner may wish to summarise, in writing, his/her prayers after asking the Divine Mother for project guidance.

b. For distant muscle-testing, the patient will be pre-tested, re-tested for treatment, and post-tested for follow-ups. An assistant will, if feasible, repeat each testing, to confirm accuracy.

c. To purchase the project vial, the practitioner should contact: Allergies and Lifestyle, Tel. +1253-271-7195 (ask for the recent Covid-19 vial). To buy sets of basic NAET vials, contact: NAET Clinic, Tel. +1 562-716-2868.

d. May provide optional (distant) modified NAET treatment for the patient, e.g., for allergy, pathogen, or related conditions.

e. To test the effectiveness of treatment variations, the practitioner should include: (i) patients with varying degrees of Covid-19; and (ii) allow for extended follow-up periods.

f. Notify and inform other certified/qualified practitioners, who may wish to participate in the project.

The practitioner’s healing steps

1. Initially, the patient is named and invoked through prayer to the Divine Mother, as described in stage 1.

2. Next, for the Covid-19 detection: distant muscle-test (Appendix 2) patient twice: a) without the practitioner holding the Covid-19 vial, thereby, with clasped hands behind the back so it could not easily be lifted up; b) test again, but while holding the Covid-19 vial, so could easily lift clasped hands behind back, so indicating the Covid-19 infection of the patient.

3. Next, apply project treatment for patient, based on distant-modified NAET technique (Appendix 3).

4. Following treatment, the practitioner repeats the muscle-testing: While holding the Covid-19 vial, clasped hands behind back, so it could not easily be lifted, indicating successful treatment. For further validation, lab-test would be required.

5. Follow-up periods: the practitioner re-tests the patient at stated intervals, perhaps weekly for six months.


For the project’s distant treatment of Covid-19 by a qualified practitioner, the goal is to demonstrate its effectiveness based on the dual conjugate components. Without an experimental design, however, treatment effectiveness cannot be rigorously proven. Yet, given the project procedures, several alternate outcome criteria can be applied, with degrees of validity. The criteria include:

1. Periods of recovery are shorter, compared to prior recovery time.
2. Recovery from advanced stages of the coronavirus.
3. During recovery period, the patient has fewer, and/or milder symptoms.
4. Lab-tests verify the recovery.
5. Long-term follow-ups confirm successful treatment.

Appendix 1: spiritual phase

Integral Yoga prayers for the project implementation represent the first of its dual conjunctive components. Thus, the practitioner would, before starting treatment as well as later on, invoke the Divine Mother for her guidance and Grace. In this regard, the investigator has found that only the Divine Mother (ie. Mirra Alfassa) can engender support for the project. Various forms of Integral Yoga healings are set forth in books, bulletins, recordings, and related works (1), (2), (3).

Appendix 2: Muscle testing

A special form of distant muscle-testing is applied. Clasping both hands behind the back, the practitioner tries to lift them somewhat while stating the patient’s name. Without holding the COVID-19 vial, clasped hands would not be easily lifted. Next, repeats the testing, but while holding the COVID-19 vial. This time, clasped hands can easily be lifted due to bio-energetic reactivity of the virus. In other words, the latter testing would verify the patient having COVID-19 infection.

Appendix 3: Treatment procedure

As indicated above, the practitioner initially prays, invoking the Divine Mother to enhance project treatment for the patient (state his/her name). Thereby, the prayer constitutes the first conjunctive component of the overall procedure.

For the subsequent treatment, a distant modified NAET technique is used by the practitioner, on behalf of the patient. Gently press/touch thumbs near the edge of specified right and left vertebrae of the spine. Beginning with the first, ie. uppermost thoracic vertebrae, press both sides at the same time, for each of the 12 pairs. Continue, with the 2nd lumbar vertebrae but apply the gentle pressure 3 inches apart on each side but only for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pairs.

Using the above technique, it may be difficult/ or impossible to touch the upper pairs of thoracic vertebrae. When distant healing is applied, the practitioner envisions touching himself or herself with the thumbs upon the right and left vertebral edges of the spine. Therefore, for each of those pairs, the practitioner should state aloud: “Pressure on edges of Thoracic pairs no... ” (specify vertebrae number).

Appendix 4: Investigator

As an elderly author/investigator, Joachim Seckel had, during earlier years, been certified as an alternative practitioner (Acupressure, NAET). For current healing practice, however, he is limited to chosen case-studies and several clients.

To possibly widen/expand the investigation, Joachim would appreciate communicating with interested project practitioners concerning questions, suggestions, case-study findings, or related aspects. Kindly write to: [email protected].


1. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Integral Healing. Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust; 2004, pp. 32-38.

2. Nambudripad DS. Say Goodbye to Illness. Buena Park CA: Delta Publishing Company; 1993.

3. The Journal of NAET, Energetics and Complementary Medicine 2005-2009; Volumes 1-9.

Joachim P. Seckel, M.A., Acupr., NAET is a researcher residing in Lodi, California.

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