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Consciousness and health

Heal yourself by changing your consciousness

Prashant Shivanand Shah


The prototype or original model of the human body in consciousness is perfect and healthy. Then, why does susceptibility to disease and constitutional disorders arise in our body? They arise largely from certain defective patterns that we carry in our mindset. We have inherited some of these patterns from our previous existence while some of them are the result of our actions in the present existence. Most of our illnesses are the results of defects in our thinking and emotions and faulty beliefs. Such defects and faults disturb the flow of vital energy or prāṇa in the body, which ultimately gives rise to the functional and constitutional disorders in our body. However, the good news is that these effects are reversible. That is, by making some changes in our belief-system and by cleansing the harmful emotions from our subconscious, we can restore health in our mind and body.


• The spiritual basis of health
• The way
• Health is holistic
• Live the truth of health
• Exercise-1: choose what you think
• Exercise-2: follow your intuition
• Clean your subconscious
• Exercise-3: avoid accumulating emotional garbage
• Exercise-4: release suppressed emotions
• Declarations for good health
• Exercise-5: install healthy beliefs
• Some necessary points of view

The spiritual basis of health

There is just one consciousness in the cosmos and which in its original condition is pure, free and perfect. This consciousness has differentiated and reduced itself to set up the different planes or levels of consciousness in the world. Then further, this consciousness has descended into the world as seeds of individualised consciousness, which function on all planes.

The individualised consciousness, however, has become associated and identified with some of the contents of consciousness on each plane. Hence, we, the individualised consciousness, are differently organised and associated on the different planes of existence. In this condition we do not experience ourselves as pure consciousness. Instead, we develop an identity that is unique and different from others.

When we die, we drop our individualised identity from the physical body and also from every (inner) plane. However, when we return through a process of reincarnation, we bring back the tendencies, beliefs and tone of consciousness we had from our previous life on earth. Hence, we have a continuity and identity in consciousness.

The original pure consciousness models all things and assigns them their roles in manifested existence. Accordingly, there is a prototype or original model of the human body in consciousness. This prototype is perfect and healthy. Then we can ask, “How does susceptibility to disease and constitutional disorders arise in our body?” They arise largely from the defective patterns that we carry in our mindset. We have inherited some of them from our previous existence and some of them are the result of our actions in the present existence. The causes of ailments from our present life arise mainly from our faulty lifestyle and eating habits. (These causes were examined in articles published in the previous July and October issues of NAMAH).

The causes from our previous existence give rise to disturbed patterns in our mindset. And these manifest as our ignorance, faulty beliefs, bad habits and negative thinking and emotions. They disturb the flow of vital energy or prāṇa in the body, which ultimately give rise to the functional and constitutional disorders in our body.

However, the good news is that these effects are reversible. That is, by making some changes in our belief-system and by cleansing the harmful emotions from our subconscious, we can restore our mental and physical health. Here we learn how to do this practically.

The way

First we have to believe that there is a healing power within us, which is capable of maintaining our mind and body in a healthy condition. The malfunctions that arise in our mind and body are the result of negative patterns that have been superimposed in our subconscious. Unfortunately, we are not sufficiently aware of these negative patterns. Hence, we let them influence our actions, disturb our vital force, and maintain our bad habits.

The usual entities or bugs of illness in our subconscious are confusion, sadness, fear, greed, resentment, irritation and hostility. However, we can replace these bugs with healing thoughts and healthy beliefs. When we have done that sufficiently, our body will respond to the changes in our consciousness and begin to return to its natural state of health.

Health is holistic

The human being functions as a whole. Hence, we are never sick in a part, but the part is only the place where the ailment has shown up. It is a mistake to focus on repairing a part of the body in isolation of the mental mechanism (thoughts and emotions) that has caused the ailment.

The original or basic model of the human body is healthy. However, it has been disturbed by the presence of false beliefs and negative emotions that we carry in the mind. What happens? First these bugs or entities disturb the vital force (prāṇa) of the body; and then the disturbance translates into functional and constitutional disorders in the physical body. In this way the disturbance in the mind gets objectified as disease in the body. In the absence of the disturbing bugs in the mind, our vital energy will flow freely in our body and keep us healthy.

Hence, the major task in healing through consciousness is to find the deep-seated patterns of fear, anxiety, grief, anger, protest, depression, etc. in the mind; and then to replace them with the patterns of love, kindness, joy, peace, harmony, etc. The new patterns will create a state of well-being in the mind. And this state will change the consciousness in the vital force and cells of the body. And as a result the body will return to its natural state of health.

Live the truth of health

It is important to note that once we lose our health, restoration doesn’t happen automatically. We have to live the truth of health to develop a health consciousness, which then restores our health. It is not enough to change some of our thinking and emotional responses; we have to also follow this up with habits that promote health — like a balanced lifestyle, proper diet and eating habits, restful sleep and regular exercise. In short, we have to promote our ‘health consciousness’ and let our actions speak louder than our words.

You begin by doing some house-cleaning: First, you become aware of the negative emotions and thoughts that habitually arise in your mind. Such thoughts create negative vibrations in your energy-body and depress your vitality. Next, you stop giving them your attention. You can do it conveniently by replacing them in your mind with positive thoughts and feelings. It will create positive vibrations in your energy-body and energise your vital-force. Let us begin with this task:

Exercise-1: choose what you think

Stop often during the day to hear the self-talk that is going on inside your mind. Check to see if you are harbouring negative thoughts, purposeless thoughts or repeating psychological memories.

If you are doing this, then quickly replace them with positive thoughts and feelings and, if that is difficult, do some physical work to distract your attention from them.

Your task: choose to think the thoughts you want and don’t allow the negative thoughts to invade your mind and do your thinking. Accept only those thoughts that incline you to be helpful, kind, proper or positive and reject everything that is negative.

Exercise-2: follow your intuition

Daily, ask yourself, “What do I feel (intuitively) that I must do in my everyday life to maintain my mind and body in a healthy condition?”

Whatever answer or hunch you get, simply reinforce it by trying to follow it. When you act in this way, you will heal much faster.

Clean your subconscious

If you have a chronic health problem, know that you are carrying some negative vibrations as emotions in your mind. You cannot restore your health without first clearing the negative vibrations. So, if you aren’t sure of what you need to do, answer these questions: Do you frequently over-react in a typical situation? Do you feel the urge to put someone down or to get even with a person or group? Is there some craving that you feel you must satisfy anyhow? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you are carrying negative emotions in your subconscious. And such emotions will obsess you and make you moody, gloomy or irritable.

How do we accumulate such emotional garbage?

When somebody misbehaves with us, rejects us or lets us down, we become emotional. Soon afterwards, we cover up the emotion and consider that it has gone. However, it has not gone. It has only slipped into the subconscious and now it continues to live there! And from there it maintains our complexes, our lop-sided opinions and our personal get-even agenda. Every now and then the emotion surges up into the surface mind and expresses itself as our irrational impulses and emotional outbursts.

Since childhood we have been tucking away our unfulfilled desires, protests and dissatisfactions into the subconscious. Hence, this emotional garbage has accumulated. And now it is making us rigid, psychological and reactive. The troublesome part is that we cannot see the contents of our subconscious clearly. Hence, these bugs can go unnoticed and continue to act for a lifetime!

Here we classify the emotional garbage into two types: The dry stuff, which is like our regrets and painful memories; and the wet stuff which is like our jealousy, suppressed anger and revenge. The wet stuff is sticky and so it is much harder to eliminate.

Exercise-3: avoid accumulating emotional garbage

Whenever something happens that causes a strong reaction in you, deal with it consciously. After the event has passed the emotion will continue. So you have to close the matter. You have to let go of the emotion in the same way as you switch off the light when you leave a room.

Note: if you allow the grudge or reaction to continue or if you try to justify having the reaction, the emotion will get sticky.

Exercise-4: release suppressed emotions

a. Suppressed emotions always wear a disguise. Hence, the first task is to identify the emotion and get a hold on it. Ask yourself: has someone disappointed or hurt you, and do you still hold a grudge against this person? It may be a parent, a relative, a boss, a partner or whatever. (Note: here you take the support of an image of the person. However, you are not releasing that person. You are releasing something within you that you have associated with that person.)

b. Next, recall the emotion. Allow the feeling of bitterness to surface. (If you do this properly, you will feel it.)

c. Then dry the wet (sticky) stuff. You can do it by re-considering the matter in a balanced way. (Notice the part or role you played in that happening. Consider that there was nothing personal in the matter; and that if a similar situation should arise you may also make the same mistake.)

d. Now come into the present: notice that the situation has gone, but you are still carrying the emotion. As a result your mind is agitated and your responses are disturbed. (You must feel the need to release the emotion. Otherwise you cannot push it out.)

e. Then, throw out the emotion. Say: “The situation has gone and the emotion is a ‘left-over’. Hence, I’m now throwing out this emotion completely. I let go of everything connected with this matter.”

Declarations for good health

Your health mirrors your convictions. Hence, if you are constantly ill, you do not believe wholeheartedly in perfect health. So, now you have to review your belief-system. Here are some beliefs that you should install in your mind.

Exercise-5: install healthy beliefs

Declare the following statements to yourself:

a. “Wellness is my natural state.” (This is what the Divine wants for you. So allow this idea to soak into your mind.)

b. “I am now filled with the energy of life.” (Think that a divine being is standing behind you and sending you a white light. Then pass this light gradually into your body, from head to toe. Think that the light is cleansing your mind and rejuvenating your body cells.)

c. “I am healthy, energetic, enthusiastic and peaceful.” (Visualise yourself as being in any one of these conditions.)

d. “I banish the idea of having old-age problems or having to go to an infirmary.” (Reject and look away from such thoughts. Then they cannot create problems for you.)

e. “I am now healed.” (Try to feel it. Remain in this consciousness for two minutes to feel the effect.) Repeat these declarations daily. Further, try to act as though your health is real. Do it even if you are not really healthy. If you visualise health and feel it, you motivate your vital energy to make health a reality in your life.

Some necessary points of view

a. The original nature of the human body does not have sickness. Hence, my sickness arises due to personal factors that inhibit the natural flow of life-energy (prāṇa) in the body.

b. I do not have to do workouts to develop a healthy body. I have to only gain health consciousness to make my body healthy.

c. If I fear disease or attack by bacteria, I develop a disease consciousness. This consciousness is sufficient to make me sick. The good news is that the reverse is also true.

d. My world is the result of my consciousness projected on a screen. When I have a disease consciousness, I become sick; if I develop a health consciousness, I become healthy; and if I develop a loving consciousness, I become kind and loving.

Prashant S. Shah is an author, healer and counsellor from Vadodara, India and he maintains a website at

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