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How true it is?

Sushmita Mukherjee


How true is the identification based on region and nationality or religion? Truth of being realised, we are set free, shedding the load of superficial labels. When unaware, we only identify with the diverse and fight for our superiority over the other. Deemed are the differences as defiance, redeeming pain for self and all. What we give, we get, the process cyclic — as one we are, at and with the Source. Truth, acknowledged and committed to — the unbroken unity at Source, which is One and Infinite — comprehensive healing results. The soul’s purpose — Truth-realisation, God-realisation — is the sole purpose. Hence, in form, the purpose leads us to shed all labels, identifying solely with and as the Truth — fulfilled, all-healed.

Truth sets one and all free, as Truth is free, independent of anything and everything, anyone and everyone, even though Truth utilises anything and everything, anyone and everyone, as Truth leads one and all to liberation, healing and fulfilment through Its realisation. Truth-realisation — also referred to as God-realisation and Self-realisation — is the purpose of being on Earth, and so unfurls the process of life physical, Life Eternal eternally on…ensuring the salvation that Truth-realisation, purpose fulfilment, is.

In the process, it leads to the query that forms the title of this article, as Truth has Its own ways of articulating Its infinite ways and means.

Ignorance sees and breeds division

How true it is! The relevance, of the query — ‘How true it is?’ — with reference to our propensity to identify ourselves as a limited entity, identifying on the basis of nationality (“I am an Indian”), on the basis of religion (“I am a Hindu” or a Muslim or a Christian or a Sikh…) — and then there are innumerable bases of reflecting our ignorance-based sectarianism, each a proclamation of self-identification, reflection of a type of racism.

It is not to castigate or haul anyone up for leveling such labels. Rather, it is a mixture of amazement and bewilderment and appalled more at such references by those who are held as the flag-bearers and custodians of religion(s), those who are hailed as the medium supposed to lead us to the Truth, Ultimate Reality: God Within, and thus, to the Oneness with It, and hence find It in everything and everyone.

Are we just a label?

True, there is nothing wrong in identifying oneself with one’s nation of ‘citizenship’ (usually, one’s place of birth), one’s faith and the like. Yet, how true is that reference — identification and acceptance of that identity? Are we only a nationality, a system of faith or religion?

Instead, what happens if one acknowledges, for example, one’s faith, and at the same time, reflects one’s awareness and acceptance of one’s Reality, a soul in form, ever one with God — and thus, states, “My religion is Hindu” or “I follow the Hindu faith”?

Life is fully experiential, ever-evolving

Change in awareness causes change in perception, bringing about, as a spontaneous consequence, a change in expression — even if ever so slightly, yet effecting huge change in experience.

Also, each faith system is a way to God-realisation, yet a faith system cannot be levied as a ‘baggage of inheritance’ nor can it be imbibed and inculcated just as a ‘naturalised citizenship’. It is entirely a matter of personal and direct exploration, experience and expression, and hence is termed ‘realisation’ — the experience and realisation of one’s Oneness with God. There are no fixed ways even when one follows a particular system of faith. Each one of us has unique paths, unique moments and unique experiences.

Truth is unique to being, each one of us is unique

Truth is unique to a being, as each is a unique being — each a disembodied spirit, essence, in form to truly embody and inform about the essence, the unique essence of the Divine that one is, way above and beyond any and all notion of nation, region, religion… absolutely limitless.

When one accepts and commits to the Truth, one expresses the Truth and one is set free by Truth.

How true it is! Thus, the sages, seers, philosophers, masters, all God-realised and Self-actualised beings, have left an indelible imprint of immortality, through and on eternity, identifying solely with the Reality — the One, the Infinite — having outgrown and transcended the labels, once those labels have served their purpose, having led them to the unbound identity.

Truth is its own validation

How true it is, the query, “How true it is, when we identify with a nation, with a religion…?”

We are all That, ‘I Am’, God in form, as God’s forms, in form to realise That…and thus, are limitless. That I am is just That! One might ask, “How true it is, this assertion?” Understandably! Mark Twain says: “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.”

True! And so, the previous ‘adversaries’, science and spirituality, are found to be just the reverse, as science too has come to recognise and acknowledge the Truth, the spiritual truths being arrived at by science too, via its own methods. Science is no more averse to and no more an opponent of spirituality. Rather, science has become an emissary of spirituality, its acknowledgment of spirituality enhancing the understanding of science and so is enhanced the understanding and experience of spirituality through the scientific approach to spirituality, science and spirituality nodding at one another, and nodding with one another, as essential counterparts, playing their parts in this process and purpose of Truth-realisation.

Truth, infinite, Truth-realisation happens in infinite ways

Well, methods are infinite…and life seems to be a paradox, only because the Truth is difficult to believe in, and thus perceive — the Truth that the Source, God, is One and Infinite at the same time. And since It is so, It has infinite ways and means to get realised. The various ‘academic disciplines’ too are, hence, the different routes to the Ultimate Destination and Destiny: arrival at the Origin, from whence everything and everyone originates. Everything on the finite, physical plane is thus relative to one another, and a tool to realise the Absolute, the Eternal.

When we realize our Truth, Oneness with the Source, we no longer predicate to or blame the external for our woes, and nor do we claim accolades for our wins. It is a humble acceptance of the Power that we are empowered with, a continuous effort to consciously utilise it, instead of misusing and abusing it with our ignorant ways, when controlled by the power of illusions over the mind. It is the initiation of the mind to the Truth: what it thinks, and persistently, manifests! Then why not think only about that that is for the good of all, that, that one desires ardently from the highest perspective? The mind is guided to become mindful and thus soulful, attending only to healing thoughts, words, feelings, emotions…

Life is energy, the Infinite, one Source in a cyclic motion of reciprocity

Yes, it is all energy in motion, as emotions (‘e + motion’) are also so acknowledged. What we call God, Source, could very well be called the Vital Force, the Universal Energy of Creation or simply Energy, Love and Light Eternal…

The infinite diversity in experience and expression is because of the Infinite One Source. We acknowledge, “It is unity in diversity,” yet the diversity is a reflection of the Infinite Unity (even if the appearances are to the contrary).

Thus, what is conveyed by ‘As you sow, so you reap’, is echoed by the famous equation — a derivative of Albert Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity — E = mc2! As is the energy, so is the materialisation. The very disharmonious situations that we baulk at, and are found to be stalked by, are our very own creations, even if however unbeknownst they might be, as we are constantly projecting from different levels of consciousness, from different levels of energy (as our thoughts, deeds, emotions, words, feelings…).

What spirituality says, science too conveys, leading to the Truth: our eternalI Inheritance, our Omnipotence, as creators and healers.

Life moves on the principles of natural and unrelenting reciprocity, and this we repeatedly refer to as the ‘Laws of Attraction’. And once we are aware of it, aware that we have the powers to effect, consciously, the reciprocity, imbued with infinite and myriad divine creativity, we start moving, consciously, on the paths of Self-healing, Self-liberation… with absolutely unconditional Self-acceptance and Self-Love as the essentials.

We sow what we wish to reap. We project that energy which resonates with that that we wish to materialise. We know that ‘Life is an echo’: what we give, we get. The prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi echoes: “For it is in giving that we receive.”

The unconditional reciprocation of the Source is the manifestation and affirmation of Unconditional Love That It Is, absolutely impersonal. It is for all equally, as It is in all equally, so all is and are. It is only about letting It flow, glow, guide and heal us…

Truth: healing comprehensive

Thus, this journey is the journey of healing and atonement of the mind, healed by the awareness of Oneness with the Divine, soothed by the knowing that It guides, loves, delivers, protects and fulfils, strengthened by faith in Its unwavering Word. So calls out ardently, Rabindranath Tagore, for deliverance, cries out for: “Where the mind is without fear.” A mind free from fear, set free by the Truth — “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (1)…” — affirms further, with gratitude, glee and humility: Word is God, as is God’s Word of Eternal and Unwavering Deliverance. God is Deliverance. Where God is, fear is not. And God is everywhere. Nowhere, it is not. Thus, with God within, fear cannot be, and is not. And all is God’s Grace.

Even the differences, the contrasts, the contradictions — the darkness, when one yearns for Light — one accepts, knowing, it will pass…as the Light is Eternal, not the tunnel of darkness. One accepts the differences with gratitude too, as one nods with and thanks Neale Donald Walsch, as he says: “In absence of that which you are not, that which you are, is not (2).” Indeed! In the presence of that which you are not, in the presence of that which I am not, that which you are, that which I am…is, as is realised!

Hence is relished and revered, savoured and marvelled at — set free and all-healed by Truth-realisation — every moment.

How true it is, indeed…that we are not confined by any labels! How true it is that limits are none, not even the sky, not just for one but for everyone! How true it is that I am That, That I Am…One and Oneness with God! How true it is, as the Bible says: “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free (3).” So be it, for all!

And so says the Divine, eternal Its promise and deliverance, unwavering Its Word — “Amen”— healing, liberation and fulfillment of all Its sole mission!

The ignorant might ask, sceptically, doubtfully and incredulously, “How true it is?” And chuckling, the only answer that the Divine gives, with a gentle and soothing and affirming smile: “Check it out for yourself!”


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2. Walsch ND. Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 3). London: Hodder and Stoughton; 1999, p. 353.

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Sushmita Mukherjee is an author and freelance editor, residing in Kolkata.

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