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Past-life regression therapy

Integral Regression Therapy — A Deeply Healing Therapy, Applying the Mother’s and Sri Aurobindo’s Wisdom

Sigrid Lindemann


Integral regression therapy sources its therapeutic and deeply transforming techniques directly from Integral Yoga. A natural regression is facilitated, and karmic turning-points reviewed, insights gained and the evolution of the psychic being furthered.

Integral Regression Therapy is a modality addressing a wide variety of issues — healing physical pain and trauma, widening limiting belief-systems, and answering deep questions about life. It is a modality exploring current limitations by returning to the onset of trauma, limiting beliefs and loss of trust and vitality only as to revisit the past scenario, re-evaluate its impact, restore wholeness and integrate the wisdom. The aim of Integral Regression Therapy is to heal and transform inorder to support the full potential of the soul`s journey.

Integral Regression Therapy integrates Trauma Therapy, Inner-Child Work, Energy Work and Past-Life Therapy, and applies this in professionally facilitated intensive 2- 3-hour personal therapy sessions.

Sigrid Lindemann created Integral Regression Therapy by combining her background in Integral Yoga, her experience of two decades of therapeutic work as a classical homoeopath, and her know-how as a transpersonal regression therapist.

Integral Regression Therapy works directly with the body-mind connection, as described by the Mother:

1. “Each spot of the body is symbolical of an inner movement; there is there a world of subtle correspondences. But this is a long and complex subject and we cannot enter into its details just now. The particular place in the body affected by an illness is an index to the nature of the inner disharmony that has taken place. It points to the origin, it is a sign of the cause of the ailment. It reveals too the nature of the resistance that prevents the whole being from advancing at the same high speed. It indicates the treatment and the cure. If one could perfectly understand where the mistake is, find out what has been unreceptive, open that part and put the force and the light there, it would be possible to re-establish in a moment the harmony that has been disturbed and the illness would immediately go (1).”

After focusing with the client on the main issue he or she would like to address (according to the above), the session starts by going back, regressing to the earliest memory of this body-mind.

2. The Room of Manifestation

“…. the first impression is of drawing back inside into your physical being itself, a physical being which is there, which presses, so to say, on the outer form in order to create a new form. This is what makes children grow up, it is a kind of inner thing which pushes, pushes for action, pushes for movement, pushes for progress. But it is physical, it is not a vital or mental consciousness, it is purely physical. It is something which pushes from within towards manifestation and is concentrated and channelled in the manifestation. It is vaster and more imprecise within.

It is what Sri Aurobindo calls “the inner physical”. It is more vague, more imprecise. One can dream there. For example, one dreams one sees a room, one’s own room. Well, it is one’s own room, but still there are little differences, it is not absolutely what one sees with one’s two eyes when one is completely awake. It is a physical vision but with just a little shade of differences, compared with the most material there are slight changes (2).”

In Integral Regression Therapy, one way to start the therapy session after initial focussing is with this visualisation.

Integral Regression Therapy is a deeply transforming modality, and suitable to resolve trauma due to accidents, birth or life situations. Often the sessions answer the questions pertaining to earlier incarnations. Unblocking childhood memories and its conclusions free the potential, hitherto restricted. Longstanding health issues without direct medical causes can be addressed.

I am deeply grateful to have discovered how the Mother’s and Sri Aurobindo`s wisdom can be applied effectively to deep healing work, while empowering the client’s ability to heal himself.

Integral Yoga`s perspective on karma, rebirth and the psychic being intrinsically surface in the therapy sessions, the clients transform and gain insights into the deeper reality of life.


1. The Mother. The Collected Works of the Mother, Volume 3. Cent ed. Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust; 1977, p. 88.

2. The Mother. Collected Works, Volume 7; 1979, p. 140.

Sigrid Lindemann is a therapist based in Auroville, India who practises Integral Regression Therapy (among other modalities). She can be contacted at [email protected]

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