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Integral Yoga/ Bio-energetic Healing System (IY/BE) — advanced techniques

Joachim P. Seckel


Featuring nine advanced techniques for the IY/BE healing System, the article describes their implementation, as demonstrated with case-studies. The aim is to widen the system’s healing potential, enabling practitioners to apply any of the techniques as required.

Review of the IY/BE Healing System

The IY/BE Healing System is summarised herewith, providing an overall perspective for the advanced techniques.

For its activation and healing, the IY/BE System involves several stages:

1. The client’s disorder(s) is initially analysed on a bio-energetic level, based on Applied Kinesiology muscle-testing (Appendix 1), for two sets of criteria as listed in Appendix 2;
2. Next, a client is asked to attend a fitness centre, for which an Integral Yoga/Bio-Energetic Field (IBEF) has been established (Appendix 3), Follow-up muscle-testing indicates the extent of clearance for the client’s disorder(s).
3. If the disorder is not adequately cleared, an IY/BE healing session(s) — directly or by means of distant healing — will be scheduled for the client.

Moreover, a separate session(s) would be provided for a client who is unable to attend the fitness centre.

Advanced Bio-energetic techniques for the IY/BE Healing System

The nine techniques are briefly described herewith:

Technique 1: ‘Enhancement of body organ function (EBOF)’, involving the current % level of an organ function, on a short-term basis.

Several steps are needed:

1. QRT-test (see Appendix 1) for the client’s need to enhance function of a specific organ(s);
2. Ask the Divine Mother for Her Grace to enable the enhancement;
3. Later, QRT re-test the organ(s) for its enhanced % function;
4. If necessary, repeat the procedure for sufficient enhancement.

Technique 2: ‘Nerve shield reinforcement (NSR)’, which minimises/prevents negative energy/illness from entering the body (1). The technique involves:

a. Ask the Divine Mother by Her Grace for the NSI integration;
b. Apply NAET (1), using a water-filled vial energised for a specific substance.
c. A day later, QRT re-test the level of NSI. If below 97%, repeat the technique.

Technique 3 : ‘Harmony of Integral Yoga bodies (HIYB)’ for a client. If QRT-testing indicates disharmony of Integral Yoga bodies (physical, vital and mental), state, “May the Divine Mother by Her Grace bring about HIYB for the client.” 1-2 days later, re-test for HIYB.

Technique 4: ‘NAET at the preventive level (NPL)’, which prevents a potential disorder, such as allergy, pathogen, cardiac disease or early-stage cancer. The stages are:

a. QRT-test to indicate if the disorder needs NPL. If so,
b. QRT or PDM-scan to detect the vial relevant for the disorder. Apply NAET with the vial, stating “Preventive Level”.
c. Thereafter, QRT or PDM re-test with the vial, to verify NPL effectiveness.

Technique 5: ‘Possible hidden pathogen (PHP)’, which detects a hidden pathogen, followed by NAET healing. State “Hidden bacteria”, or “Hidden virus.”

Technique 6: ‘Compensatory Bio-Energetic Healing for chronic disorder CBHCD)’. Involving chronic damage to a body system(s), IYBE leads to partial improvement rather than total healing. Parallel to technique #4, but state “CBHCD.”

Technique 7: ‘Harmonious friendship or relationship’ (HFR) for two individuals who have undergone psychological conflict, misunderstanding, stress, etc. Three steps are used:

a. With QRT-testing, assess current degree (%) of friendship, or relationship;
b. Ask the Divine Mother for her Grace to, “Engender a harmonious friendship or relationship” — meditate on this prayer for several minutes;
c. A day later, QRT to re-assess HFR (%).

Technique 8: This represents ‘De-aging stage(s) (DAS)’, enabling an elderly client to become slightly younger on a bio-energetic level. The first stage might be 2-5 years, followed by a similar second stage. Parallel to technique #1, state “De-Aging Stage.”

Technique 9: This offers ‘Safety Protection (SP)’, when a client is at risk due to circumstances:

a. QRT-test client for current % safety level;
b. Ask Divine Mother for Her Grace for client’s ‘Safety Protection.’
c. QRT re-test for client’s % safety level.

Appendix 1: Applied Kinesiology testing for IY/BE System

Two forms of Applied Kinesiology muscle-testing are utilised:

1. Question-Response Testing (QRT): upon asking a question regarding a client’s disorder, practitioner presses tip of middle-finger upon index-finger to obtain the answer: ‘Yes’ (normal/strong muscle); or ‘No’ (weak muscle).

2. Pre-Determined Muscle Testing (PDM). Client extends left arm, as practitioner presses upon client’s wrist (thumb pointing downward), while holding a designated vial with right hand. Filled with water, the vial has been bio-energetically modulated for a bio-incompatible substance (1). PDM testing indicates: a) ‘no reactivity’ (normal muscle strength) or b) ‘reactivity’ (weak muscle).

Appendix 2: criteria for testing a disorder

QRT PDM muscle-testing for two sets of criteria are intended to:

a. detect a client’s disorder;
b. implement IY/BE System treatment;
c. verify treatment effectiveness.

The two sets of IY/BE criteria — as described in a previous NAMAH article (2) — are summarised below.

Key Criteria

1. Emergency medical help
2. Standard medical examination: diagnosis and treatment
3. Symptoms: severity %; duration
4. Integral Yoga balance: physical, mental and vital components
5. Overall health %: organic, and functional (as defined by the Integral Yoga)
6. Pathogen(s): type of bacteria, virus, etc.
7. Potential hindering factor(s): (negative energy; adverse entity)
8. Allergen/bio-incompatible substance
9. Genetic disorder
10. Age-Related disorder
11. Deficiency/nutritional
12. Psychological factor(s)
13. PDM Scan of multiple vials: to identify bio-incompatible substance(s)


1. Environmental factor(s): (e.g., petroleum, pesticide)
2. Lifestyle: (e.g., excessive stress; lack of ambition, too little exercise)
3. Character issue %: (ethical deficiency, negative values)

Appendix 3: Integral Yoga/bio-energetic healing field (IBEF)

Established at a fitness centre, IBEF was created in three stages by:

a. Generating a ‘core vial’ incorporating basic healing components;
b. Asking the Divine Mother by Her Grace, to induce vial’s energy into a centre;
c. Follow-up PDM- testing to verify the ‘core vial’ induction.

Appendix 4: Case-studies for advanced techniques

Technique 1: Isao
Having undergone significant stress due to the loss of his job, Isao needed strengthening of his heart, as shown by QRT-testing. Thereby, technique #1 was applied, which enhanced his (short-term) bio-energetic heart function from 100% to 110%.

Technique 2: Dyanne
Although generally healthy, Dyanne recently experienced intense grief due to the death of her son. Distant QRT-testing by the practitioner indicated she needed healing of the heart on a long-term basis. By applying technique #2, Dyanne’s heart function increased from 80% to 100%.

Technique 3: Keiko
With a history of minor disorders (adverse energy, pathogens, allergies, etc.), Keiko showed a disharmony of her three Integral Yoga bodies (physical, vital, mental). The practitioner asked the Divine Mother to restore her harmony — subsequently, HIYB was confirmed with QRT re-testing.

Technique 4: Arlene
As a critical medical procedure, Arelene’s heart valve had been surgically replaced. For conjunctive support, the practitioner applied technique # 4, as detailed above. Its effectiveness was verified with QRT re-testing.

Technique 5: Renate
Initial QRT-testing for Renate for the presence of ‘bacteria’ or ‘virus’ failed to detect either pathogen. However, upon stating “hidden bacteria”, its presence was detected — namely, Bacteria Welshi. Using NAET, the practitioner cleared the bacteria.

Technique 6: Jane
Having had replacement of her left hip, Jane also needed replacement of her right hip. Thus, the practitioner applied CBHCD for her right hip, using NAET with the vial ‘Sweet Inner Chi’. Pre-post QRT-testing, indicated the functionality of her right hip improved from 50% to 80%.

Technique 7: The friendship between Phillip and Rita had exhibited occasional stressful incidents due to misunderstandings. Thus, the practitioner implemented HFR. Thereafter, their friendship level improved from 60% to 80% on a long-term basis.

Technique 8: Jim
The practitioner provided DAS to his friend, Jim. For the initial stage, Jim’s bio-energetic age, according to QRT-testing, showed a decrease of five years.

Technique 9: Regina
Planning to drive a rental car to a distant location along narrow roads, Regina needed to ensure safety. Following the practitioner’s SPS application, her safety-level based on QRT-testing increased from 70% to 90%.


1. Seckel JP. Creating a healing atmosphere within centres and for a spiritual community: an investigative study — I. NAMAH April 2015; 23 (1): 24-8.

2. Seckel JP. Integral Yoga/bio-energetic healing. NAMAH July 2017; 25 (2): 25-6.

Joachim P. Seckel, M.A., Acupr., NAET is a researcher residing in Lodi, California.

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