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Case-studies: Integral Yoga / bio-energetic healing system (IY/BE)

Joachim P. Seckel


Representing a synthesis of Integral Yoga (Sri Aurobindo) and bio-energetic healing, the article focuses on a series of case-studies, using Applied Kinesiology muscle-testing. The IY/BE system involves two stages: 1) initial client exposure to an Integral Bio-Energetic Field (IBEF) of healing, previously created at a fitness centre; and 2) if necessary, an individual IY/BE session(s), either directly or by means of distant healing. Viewed overall, the case-studies demonstrate the IY/BE system can detect and address a wide variety of disorders.


Prior to activating the IY/BE System, the practitioner — a devotee of Integral Yoga (Sri Aurobindo) — asks the Divine Mother for Guidance to bring about healing, accompanied by high-conscious awareness.

During the IY/BE operation, two forms of Applied Kinesiology muscle-testing are utilised (1):
1. Question-Response Testing (QRT): The practitioner asks a specific question(s) pertaining to the client’s symptom(s), possible disorder(s), and/or causal factor(s); next, uses muscle-testing —pressing tip of middle-finger on nail of index-finger — to obtain an answer: either ‘Yes’ (normal muscle strength), or ‘No’ (relatively weak muscle).

2. Pre-Determined Muscle-Testing (PDM): the practitioner presses on client’s extended left arm at the wrist-level (thumb pointing downward) while the latter holds a pertinent vial with right hand, in order to obtain either a ‘Reaction’ (relatively weak muscle) or ‘No Reaction’ (normal muscle strength). The vial being held is filled with water, having been bio-energetically modulated for a designated bio-incompatible substance, usually an allergen.

Using QRT and/or PDM-testing, the practitioner initially identifies a client’s possible disorder(s), as well as its casual factor(s), based on 13 Key Criteria and 3 Sub-Criteria. The two sets of criteria, previously defined and detailed in a NAMAH article (2), are listed below:

Key Criteria
1. Emergency medical help.
2. Standard medical examination: diagnosis & treatment
3. Symptoms: severity %; duration
4. Integral Yoga balance: physical, mental, and vital components
5. Overall health %: organic, and functional (as defined by the Integral Yoga)
6. Pathogen(s): type of bacteria, virus, etc.
7. Potential hindering factor(s): (negative energy; adverse entity)
8. Allergen/bio-incompatible substance
9. Genetic disorder
10. Age-Related disorder
11. Deficiency/nutritional
12. Psychological factor(s)
13. PDM scan of multiple vials (to identify bio-incompatible substance/condition)

1. Environmental factor(s): (e.g., petroleum, pesticide, atmospheric chemicals)
2. Lifestyle: (e.g., excessive stress; lack of ambition, too little exercise)
3. Character issue %: (ethical deficiency, negative values)

Healing stages
For the first healing stage, a client is asked to attend an IBEF fitness centre, for which a bio-energetic healing field had earlier been established (3). Follow-up muscle-testing will indicate if client’s exposure to the centre had eliminated, or reduced the previously identified disorder(s).

For some clients, a second healing stage may be needed. Thereby, the practitioner offers an individual session(s), either directly or with distant healing. Also, a separate session(s) would be provided if the client had been unable to attend the IBEF centre.

In a few cases, a specific bio-energetic factor may need to be added for a client — and induced into the IBEF centre. However, if it had already been induced, the factor may require a reset. Both procedures (induction, and reset) are described in a prior NAMAH article (4).


#1: Suzanne
She had been coping with knee-pain and uncomfortable leg movement for several months. QRT-testing revealed a 20% knee malfunction. Several IY/BE System steps were thereby applied by the practitioner:
1. Distant PDM-testing based on the IY/BE criteria, showed an allergic reaction to calcium.
2. While holding the vial for calcium, the practitioner appealed to the Divine Mother’s Grace to induce the vial’s vibration into the fitness centre.
3. A few days later, PDM re-testing indicated that Suzanne, who often attended the centre, was no longer allergic to calcium. She felt much less discomfort on her knee; QRT re-testing confirmed her significant improvement, having only a slight knee malfunction (5%).

#2: Louis
1. QRT-testing disclosed an imbalance of his first cakra — it was thereby re-balanced. The procedure involves: a) muscle-testing to identify the cakra imbalance; b) placing either hand (palm down) four inches above the cakra, and rotating the hand in a 3-inch circle – first clockwise, then counter-clockwise; c) QRT re-testing of the cakra confirmed its having been balanced (5).
2. His heart was found to be energetically imbalanced, according to NAET testing (Appendices 1 & 2.) The practitioner re-balanced the heart: for both current and preventive levels, verified by re-testing.
3. QRT testing revealed a hidden virus, namely, “Adrenal Virus”. It was cleared by applying NAET.

#3: John
Treated previously with both distant healing and directly with sessions, John often manifested skin-eruptions. When he last visited for a session, several disorders became evident and were addressed.
1. John’s heart PDM-tested as having a bio-energetic imbalance; it was then re-balanced.
2. Known as “Integrated Biological Testing System (IBS)” — a multi-dimensional muscle-testing/vial-system developed by Apex Corp. (6) — revealed a basic Inflammation disorder. The IBS procedure was implemented with a series of vials, resulting in clearance of the disorder.
3. PDM vial-scan testing indicated that John had Diverticulosis. Thus NAET was applied to heal the disorder, as confirmed by PDM re-testing.
4. Additional PDM-testing disclosed two types of bacteria: Streptococcus Pyogenes and Bacteria Morgan. NAET cleared both bacteria, as verified by re-testing.
5. John had been feeling that something was plugging his ear canals. PDM-testing showed a small yeast infection. It was cleared with the NAET procedure.
6. Testing for any other possible bio-energetic disorder — based on scans of multiple vials — indicated an allergic reaction to “Metal Mix”. The reaction was thereby cleared with NAET.

#4: Narish
Had been experiencing excessive stress largely due to the death of his wife several months earlier, family illness, and job conflicts. At times felt numbness on body parts, including heat on the bottom of his feet. Medical examination ruled out a stroke. Several IY/BE steps were taken:
1. His heart energy was re-balanced, using the NAET procedure.
2. His first cakra was re-balanced.
3. IBS analysis indicated a chronic condition, related to stress. IBS healing was applied for the condition.
4. PDM-testing showed an allergic reaction to spices; NAET procedure eliminated the allergy.
5. His stress level was reduced by employing NAET, using a vial labelled “Moving Ahead“.

#5: Isao
Isao led a busy life in his occupation as taxi-driver — using arms and legs to manoeuver the taxi for several hours per day. His wife reported he had been having some numbness in his left leg and difficulty walking. QRT-testing showed a disorder caused by bacteria (Staph.Pyogenes). Distant healing was applied to clear the disorder, using a vial for the bacteria. Shortly thereafter, his wife reported that Isao had regained a normal feeling without numbness in his left leg, and could readily walk again.

#6: Joachim (IY/BE system practitioner)
1. As a chronic diabetes patient, Joachim needs to measure his blood glucose (BG) several times a day. On one occasion, his glucose was found to be much too high. QRT and PDM-testing indicated the invasive presence of adverse bacteria (Bac.Welshi). By applying NAET, the bacteria were cleared, as verified by PDM re-testing. Subsequently, a repeated BG measure showed his blood sugar had been reduced to a normal level.


As demonstrated by case-studies, the IY/BE System can detect and address a variety of bio-energetic disorders: clearing energetic imbalances; alleviating a chronic condition; detect/reverse a bio-energetic cardiac disorder; and reduce stress reaction. Whereas a formal evaluation would be advantageous, the case-studies maybe regarded as a pilot investigation — supporting the hypothesis that the IY/BE System can contribute to a more positive, healthy lifestyle.

Appendix 1: Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET)

It is recommended that the NAET method be generally implemented by a certified NAET practitioner. Based on principles of Chinese medicine, the method is designed to identify and clear blockages of bio-energetic channels known as meridians, using Applied Kinesiology muscle-testing (QRT and PDM). Blockage of a body system(s) and/or organ(s) can be PDM detected and cleared while the client is holding the vial of a bio-incompatible substance. The vial is unique: filled with water, its energy matrix had earlier been modulated to correspond to a specific bio-incompatible substance. For its multi-step detection/treatment procedure, NAET applies configurations of acupressure points upon the spine, and related points on body locations. Following the NAET acupressure treatment, the client is PDM re-tested to verify his/her non-reactivity to the previously identified bio-incompatible substance.

Appendix 2: Energetic balance

Prior to implementing NAET, a client is tested for a potential energetic imbalance. The latter may include a disequilibrium affecting the heart, as found for two of the case-studies (Louis and John). The NAET stages involve detecting an imbalance, and subsequent re-balancing. The procedure is detailed in a prior NAMAH issue (7).


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Joachim P. Seckel, M.A., Acupr., NAET is a researcher based in Albany, California.

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