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Moving Forward

We are witnessing rapid transitions in the world today. It is as if everything has been put into an accelerated mode whose far ends are hidden from our sight. The truths of yesterday become the falsehoods of today. Our certitudes of knowledge turn into error like changing seasons. The ways and methods of yesterday lose their usefulness today. The values of yesteryears become redundant today. We are as if riding a roller coaster of some fast moving evolutionary time-loop. It is as if layer after layer is being peeled off, startling our eyes with a new discovery.

All this is indeed confusing and disorienting. But if we see it with the eye of faith then we can see behind all this tilling of the soil the first sprouts of a new creation and a new world order slowly emerging. What is needed in times such as these is to keep this eye of faith wide open while being ready to discern between what seems and what is. It is in this double movement that we shall discover the secret of steering through without much difficulty during these times of transition.

Yet to those who lack the faith or have not yet developed the eye of discernment, we may do well to remember that ‘this too shall pass’. But if we can deliberately put our faith on the side of the good that is emerging than on the evil that is lashing its tail before disappearing, then the evolutionary march will be delightful even though disorienting. But if we become cynics and pessimists, holding onto the past, then all that we will achieve is suffering and despair. The winds of change have arrived and change there shall be. It is up to us to embrace and move with it, using its energy of change to transcend our limitations and rise higher and higher. Or else we can hold ourselves tightly to the past, tied up in chains of rigid dogmas and narrow thought and be broken sooner or later and be simply cast aside.

That is the choice before us, before individuals, nations and the larger collectivity of humanity.

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