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The Body

Substance of our Body Heals

Arul Dev


This is an experiential sharing of how we could place our awareness within our body and explore its depth. We draw insights from Mother’s Agenda that describes her work with the cells, as they opened to the Divine Lord above and started to hold something materially within, which is part of all our future bodies. She has explored the inconscient and discovered the living warm gold there. In this article, we explore the pure substance that lies in the depth of each cell. Since the Supramental Manifestation in 1956, more possibilities have opened for all our bodies to directly connect to this pure substance that holds Divine qualities of Light, Love, Force or Joy.

Aspiration of the cells

Cells can make contact with the Divine; they long for it. This is an aspiration and experience we read and hear in Mother’s Agenda which describes the Mother’s work on her cells. This article is about how we can explore this in our lives. We shall take a few quotes from Mother’s Agenda with an intent to understand deeper, sense this process, and hopefully discover our own body’s way. That each body is unique and its mode of contacting the Divine too is unique, is what we are repeatedly reminded of.

Our body absorbs

We first need to tackle a problem which we shall explore experientially. Let’s say there is some pain or memory imprint in a part of our body. Our body has a tendency of osmosis or imitation of whatever we are experiencing within us and the energy/forces that are present in our environment. It practically absorbs multiple energies, emotions and even impulsions from atmosphere, people, books and the like — present and past. It perhaps also receives intimations from its future body or the subtle bodies of Masters who are continuing their work of transformation in realms that are invisible to us. For example, when we are reading a book we can travel in time to that space/environment and unconsciously our body can have an experience of that fear or pleasure and all this can be engrained into the cells of our body. When we are with a person, their feelings, emotions and sexual energies can enter our body and reside in our material body. It then acts within us as it gets integrated as part of our energetic flows and vibrations within our physical system.

Substance of our body

We take the cells as the tiniest parts of our body that we are aware of. In the beginning, we find it difficult to go within our body. Then it slowly opens itself to allow our awareness to go within. We start seeing within. We see inner organs or parts in a certain colour or smell it or hear a sound or feel it too. Through our inner senses we explore our body. We start with our skin and dive deeper. We read repeatedly from the Mother’s work that She was in touch with the vibrations of her cells. So somewhere in our journey within our bodies we notice a constant vibration, something like the cricket sound we hear at night and we notice that it is different from our heartbeat and pulsations. We learn to be with these vibrations and learn to differentiate them from our sensations and other energetic flows in our body. They almost often feel like mild tremors in a dense or fluid mass of earth. And then slowly being with and following the trace of vibrations, we go into the depth of our body and perhaps we even enter a different realm. Is this the subtle matter, we ask? As we go deeper we could sense silence and peace and as we go further the depth of substance seems to have a light, a radiance and a joy. We know we are entering a realm that many Masters have been preparing the way for. They live there, work there and transform the collective body consciousness and matter there. We fortunately sometimes stumble in there. We are in the presence of our next way of living and being with our body. We are in the presence of the precious substance of our body.

But often we are pulled out of contact with the depth of our substance. Our life and work keep calling us. Our body cells point outward once again, absorbing and entangling. We slowly lose our depth — the basis of our body.

Outward-facing poise of the body

Let’s understand this deeper. We can say there are four poises that our body’s cells can have. First, one is the outward-facing poise of the body cells where they interchange with the world — absorbing and transmitting. Both on the surface of our body, skin, bone, nerve endings, etc. and in the intermediate region within the body, which carry within them imprints of our psychological nature, emotional states or feelings we go through, our cells normally point outward. As far as this continues, we are bound by nature and the content of our interchanges.

Self-referencing nature

Most of the time our body cells are also turned on themselves — on the experiences that inpour and its memory imprints within. Our cells face the energies, pains, memories accumulated and this is largely the inner view or sensing of the cells. This sustains the current condition and comes in the way of healing and the evolution of our body.

Let’s hear the words of the Mother:

“The being isn’t at all turned in on itself: there’s nothing, it’s like this (Mother stretches her arms into the infinite). It’s like this.”

“But the strange thing is that if the body becomes conscious of itself... it doesn’t suffer, that’s not suffering, but something which is ... an inexpressible discomfort (1).”

So we need to learn to allow our cells to point elsewhere other than its pain and imprints and sense something far more nourishing for it. We shall explore this solution as three other possible poises.

Opening the body to the Vastness and Consciousness Above

Let’s first lean on some clues from the Mother:

“The body knows it — it knows and doesn’t have a shadow of fear, I must say — it’s all the same to it: “What You want will be fine.” At times it feels a little suffering for one thing or another, a little friction (a pain here or there … some pains aren’t too pleasant), and at such times it always says (Mother opens her hands): “As You will, Lord.” And within a few minutes at the most, the thing calms down (2).”

So this we shall propose as the second poise — to learn to turn the cells of our body upwards to the Divine light, love or presence to whatever extent we are aware of in the Now. It seems the practice would get better when we can add a touch of vastness to it. We can learn to allow our body cells or small parts to open and connect to vastness and point upwards.

How? This is a question our minds may ask. If we answer that, we will only play ping-pong with our mind. Our awareness will withdraw from within our body. We need to be present with our awareness within our body to do this work. It also can’t be done as an eyes-closed meditation alone. What do we then do during the rest of the time as we live our lives? Can we also learn to do this with eyes open amongst our daily work so that there is continuity and intensity of practice built through our lifetime?

To learn to open our cells upwards to the Divine Creator or the Lord, let’s go within our body and start observing it with our inner senses. Sometimes we see cells as a flower, not as an imagination but something that appears by itself in our inner sight as we pay attention within the small parts of our body. Sometimes we feel it as a vibration, sometimes there is a colour to it, some energy, some emotions enmeshed, sometimes we feel cells cringing, often there is some pain within the cells, etc. Now we aspire, how can this tiny part of me or this cell connect to vastness? Not me and my mind thinking of vastness, but how can the cells themselves spread out and feel the vastness, we ask? Then we could get a tiny shift. Something feels lighter, more spread out, more lit, etc. in our cell region. In this manner we learn to check whether the cells are entangled and facing each other’s past or pain. Or whether they can spread out and open up ready to receive. Can the cells sense our aura, just around our body? What do they feel in the aura? Is it open, flowing or blocked? With continued aspiration, each one of us can find our way and path to open our cells to the above in an attitude of ‘Unto You O Divine Love and Light, O Infinite Grace.’

What could potentially happen through this practice? We are again offered some clues from Mother’s Agenda:

“When it says, “As You will,” there’s this movement of … (gesture of dilation and expansion) what should I call it? … It’s like an easing in all the cells – they ease up. They ease up in the supreme Light, in the supreme Consciousness, like that. Then you feel the form is about to disappear, but… (Mother looks at the skin of her hands) it must be the consciousness contained in the cells [that spreads about]; I don’t think it’s the substance, because (Mother looks at the skin of her hands) so far it has remained as it is! But that [easing] stays there for a rather long time (3).”

So using this clue of spreading out vast and opening up we can learn to wait within the cells of our body at the surface and within our body and organs, waiting for our body to discover its own unique path of doing this. We are then slowly preparing for a new life.

Connecting to the depth of substance

The third poise we can learn is to go into the depth of our substance, access the goodness of Divineness there, allow the living radiance at the depth to touch the intermediate and surface parts of our bodies. At the depth of the matter or substance, there is something very precious. Instead of our cells seeing pain, darkness or past, we want them to see the light, love, life or joy at the pure depth. The Mother shares these insights as she makes her journey downward in a material way.

“And as soon as I had uttered, ‘What is there at the bottom of this hole?’ I seemed to touch a spring that was in the very depths — ..... a formless, limitless vast which was infinitely comfortable – not exactly warm, but it gave a feeling of ease and of an intimate warmth.

… It was as if (because it was not visible), as if this vast were made of countless, imperceptible points — points that occupied no place in space (there was no sense of space), that were of a deep warm gold — but this is only a feeling, a transcription. And all this was absolutely LIVING, living with a power that seemed infinite. And yet motionless.

… At the very bottom of the inconscience most hard and rigid and narrow and stifling, I struck upon an almighty spring that cast me up forthwith into a formless, limitless Vast, generator of all creation (4).”

Now how can we reach the core depth of our cells? Or how do we go deep into the substance of each of our cells so that we can connect to this universal living intimate warm gold?

While each of us needs to discover our own unique path, there are some guidelines. We can travel within a particular part of our body with our awareness. Our awareness can permeate within the cells and we can establish some level of rapport with the cells. Then we turn our awareness to face the depth of the cells in that part. In the surface of our body normally there is a certain heaviness, movements of pain or pleasure, etc. We connect to the density of our body and travel inward and we learn to keep descending till we come to a region which feels lighter and more fluid. Normally in the surface or intermediate regions of our body’s flesh, bones, tissues and organs, there are intermixtures of sexual, sensual, emotional and vital being energies. As we go inward, these movements become lesser, a sense of quietness and peace increases. If we are using the vibrations as an aid to go inward, we could feel that with our increased awareness the vibrations are continuous. As we catch the vibrations on the surface or intermediate and travel deeper we come to a quiet or void state as we near the depth. And then we enter some self-existent qualities of light, radiance, flow or freedom. In that instant all is transformed and there is no problem. We are close to a discovery that could turn our lives so we can live and work connected to this pure substance. We need to note that this pure substance is being moulded by Divine Consciousness directly at a subtle level.

Now can we live life facing this pure substance at depth even with our eyes open? Instead of the cells of our body turned outward absorbing stuff of the world and nature, can it learn to turn inward and draw the light, life and substance from the depth into parts that need healing or transformation?

Facing this depth and its pure radiance or light, we can ascend up into the body regions where earlier or currently there exists some pain, stiffness or imperfect functioning. We enter the regions but not penetrating into the problem, pain or imprint. We need to enter the region, only then there can be transformation. As we enter the pain or illness region our identification is with the substance at the depth. At all times we are aware of the higher consciousness, Divine Light, Peace and Love above. We thus slowly allow our awareness to permeate all regions of our body, facing the pure substance at the depth and the pure light above. In this manner we can wait and see how our body can get moulded and formed.

In this exploration, how do we know we are at the depth of the substance? We get another reminder from the Mother about the fluidity and vibrancy quality at the depth:

“But as soon as you descend into that realm, the realm of the cells and even of the cells’ constitution, how much less heavy it seems! That sort of heaviness of Matter disappears: it becomes fluid and vibrant again. Which would tend to show that the heaviness, the thickness, the inertia, the immobility, is something that has been ADDED ON, it’s not an essential quality of Matter — its false Matter, Matter as we think or feel it, but not Matter itself as it is (5).”

Connecting our body to the Psychic Centre in the Cave of our Heart

The fourth poise is connecting the cells of our body to the Consciousness of the Cave of the Heart. I guess there are many methods and we explore a simple way here.

Offer the sound ‘OM’ as we reach the depth of substance. From the depth of substance we can turn our awareness up pointing to the Divine Light and Love. From the depth, we allow the goodness to reach the surface of the parts of our body. We utter the sound ‘OM’ as a matter of faith or an offering, offering our bodies for the work of the Divine on Earth.

Automatic practice

The key is what our cells see or sense within at the micro level. In the first instance they see suffering, are bound by the mind of cells that feed the pessimism of, ‘Ultimately you would need to die’, or replay the imprints of our past. Not just seeing with our mind but how can our cells see the solution, the light, the love or the New Creation Vibration? I guess this would require rigorous training of our cells and body. This would need to become like an automatic mantra chanting. The process that we can do with eyes open thousands of times each day can be something like this:

• Drop within body from surface to depth
• Turn cells to the depth and access some living goodness of it in real time
• Anchor there and open vast to the infinite above
• Allow the goodness to touch the regions of the body from the depth to the skin

Over and over again if we do this what will happen? We need to find out.

We need to remember that there are so many imprints and habits in the body that they would resume back to their status quo bound by past and nature. We are offered a clue by the Mother:

“We must erase the imprint little by little. And in fact, the only way to erase the imprint is to make contact with the Truth. There is no other way — all reasoning, all intelligence, all understanding, all that is totally useless with this physical mind. The only thing is to make contact. That’s just what the cells value: the possibility of making contact (6).”

Would the pure substance and its light be the equivalent and representation of the Truth in Matter? We need to find out. Our body and cells are not used to this poise of offering themselves and connecting to a pure substance of light or love. We need to train and retrain each day and night. We cherish not pain nor do we run away from it. We prepare the cells to be in touch with the True Light and Force and see what unfolds.

Condensing substance

We close this exploration with an insight. We can concentrate or condense substance at a subtle level. Say an inner part is dense, vague, scattered, in pain or stiff. Place awareness within a point of that region. As if you are pinching the substance in the point of that region, condense the matter there. Hold the condensed substance with your awareness and open it to the pure substance in the depth of the region and to the Supreme Light above. Patiently wait till there is an in-swelling of some goodness either from the depth or above within the substance in that region. Do note that we are actually condensing subtle matter of our body in this way and opening it to the depth and above.

Summary — example of a practice

Now when we are learning to turn our cells from outer-facing to inward-depth facing, we need to remember to do it in our front and back too. Often in our inner practice, we forget the back which may lead to entanglements there.

So what could potentially our future look like? Here is a possible scenario. Say we are engrossed at our workplace. Something has been lit inside. As much, as we are connecting to the Divine Presence, in our heart we are lit with an aspiration to discover the Divine Presence in the very atom of our body. In the depth of substance, there is an ever- increasing radiance and light. This is the promise, faith, aspiration and unfolding experience.

Let’s say we are doing our daily work and suddenly we feel a drain. We immediately move our awareness within our body. We continue to interact with others and in our work. As we move into our body, we may notice a slight shiver in the body, a mild freezing-up, a part of our body tensing up as if bracing for a difficult moment and so on. We understand the first step is to ease the body. So sensorially, we can connect to the vast space around and hear the birds and thus open to vastness. Then we drop our awareness back to our cells, identifying and becoming our cells we allow it to sense the vastness. We can continue to work and interact with others. We may notice now that the body cells often do not fully relax and ease as it is feeling into the cringing and the stress present. This is our old conditioning as our body keeps sensing outside to protect itself from danger. We turn the cells to vastness, to sense vastness and to feel it. Concretely and materially, when the cells get a sort of spread-out feeling and ease, we know they are connecting to vastness.

Now when we get the luxury of a few moments on our own, we can place our hand in the spot that is tensed. We let our hands become conscious and sense the cells on surface and within. We keep focussing on deeper regions and if we sit like this for some time, say for 10 or 20 minutes, our hand or fingers would know exactly what is going on within the part. Inner sensing of the part of the body and the sensing of vibrations will begin. With practice, it will almost seem as if the subtle-physical part of the fingers extends on its own into the minute regions of our body we have not brought our awareness into.

And then we could come to some dark space or dense matter of some limiting energy. This often means the cells are not fully open yet and connected to the Divine. We learn to wait here now. We can bring our breath here. Breathe within the tiny regions of the body in this region. We can check if our cells recognise our breath. Staying within the cells, we keep our awareness open to the above, the higher light, love or presence.

Is this just an imagination or will something actually come in? Our doubting mind and pessimism could pop up their hoods. We admire the magnificence of the hood but focus back within the body. We wait with this vast open to the above poise. Let our sādhanā and Grace decide when and how we feel the light, force and love from the higher consciousness nourish the body directly as it has done for the few people and Masters before us.

Now we can take the most material part of this dark space or energy. Two ways are there before us. We can pass our awareness through this dark space to reach a living well-spring within our substance, in which instance the surface challenges will not exist. This is perhaps the most direct path. However, if our awareness is stuck in the dark matter and we are not able to flow deeper, we can condense this dark matter or energy to see what lies beneath at its core. We can continue to hold this condensed matter with our awareness and connect to the pure substance at its depth. If we feel some light or joy or peace in-filling into the part, this means this process is working well for us. We continue to condense till the matter reveals its core, which is always beautiful and we pass through it to the well-springs living at the depths. Or we continue to condense the subtle matter till the pure consciousness at the depth and above fills into the region, transforming it.

We could be doing this practice in the quietness of our homes with a set allocated time. Or we could be doing throughout the day amidst our activities. Both ways, this process would work. In the second dynamic way it is a knack to learn to do this alongside work activities.

And now there in the depth of our body we learn to turn our awareness inwards and maybe the cells also learn to point to and connect to the living warm radiant substance of light at the depth. Would this be the equivalent of turning to the Divine Light or Love in the depth of matter within our body? We need to find out. Learning to do this can happen in small and large situations. You feel a bit uneasy in your nostrils. Some energy or vibration or congestions are just clogging in there. Place your awareness there and inwardly move awareness to look/feel/sense the depth of the nostrils, into its core. So there are two subtle things happening. The cells instead of continuing to be turned outward, turns away and turns to its depth, which represents the living warm, radiant substance.

Secondly, there is something we need to slowly feel at the depth for the practice to be felt concrete materially. And then we learn to wait across time — cells pointed to the depth. This is like an internal cocoon — an incubation of a new orientation of cells. We could be slowly creating cells within us, which are in-swelling with the new substance emerging and stabilising itself in matter, in our bodies and in the earth.

Such is the beauty and wonder at the depths of our body. This article points to only the beginning, more explorations and understandings need to unfold. Maybe we can slowly come to a point when our whole body senses within itself the increasing light, living warmth, self-existent joy that is forming in the pure substance. So we become increasingly a self-contained individual blossoming from within with the base of our identity being our pure substance. We may too one day connect to the subtle-physical of our Masters who live there continuing their works of transformation of the body’s consciousness and earth.


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Arul Dev is based in Chennai and is the Founder and CEO of People First Consultants, a provider of L&D and talent hiring services.

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