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The flower of realisation

Dr. Shilpi Mohan


The author describes vividly how the flower of Gulmohar evokes in her a process of integration of the light and shadow parts of her being and a realisation of her life-purpose on this earth.

Flowers are Divine Messengers. They are love, prayers, aspiration and the adoration of nature for the Divine. Sri Aurobindo in his epic poem, Savitri writes, ”The world’s senseless beauty mirrors God’s delight (1).”

Amazing isn’t it? From our spiritual journey to worldly exits or marital unions, flowers have whispered the Divine Messages. The Mother has beautifully discussed the colours, spiritual significances and the messages that her flowers bring to us. As we decode these messages, we can transform our inner being to our true soul — love, devotion and surrender to the Divine.

These beautiful blooms of Gulmohar are what I gaze upon from my balcony these days. They have a spiritual message of Realisation. The colour red signifies the existence or the survival of the being in the vital. Its blooms and bunches signify the growth in the group, community or universal community. The flower makes me realise in my being an aspect of consciousness, which I try to avoid. This is a painful part of me, which is not so very comfortable, is the shadow. My mind helps me escape this with its eclipsing thoughts after thoughts...

The realisation that my consciousness is so limited and the void or the vacuum is to be filled by the love of the Divine, like the soft tender moonbeams are by the light and warmth of the sun’s rays. The sun and the moon are the light and the dark in both sides of me are the universal truth in all of us. Just as the darkness ends, the light reaches out to me and the soft tender white light then softens my soul and travels towards the warm light again. It helps me realise that I am more than me... the living being extending its roles, relationships and my free soul here in this world is learning its lessons, chiselling and contouring with pain and pleasure to realise its final journey home.

The realisation on the Truth, the ultimate truth, I have to reach in my time and learning. The realisation that I and I alone have to travel on my journey of consciousness, wrapped in the Divine love and care in my roles and relations that I have set up in this physical world.


1. Sri Aurobindo. Birth Centenary Library, Volume 28. Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust; 1970, pp. 139.

Dr. Shilpi Mohan is a certified trainer, management consultant and counsellor based in Udaipur, India

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The flower of realisation


Path to realisation