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NAMAH is a pioneer, peer-reviewed, internationally indexed body, mind and spirit journal with an integral vision looking at the influence of the spirit or soul in psychology and health.

Bipolar Disorder

An Integral Psychology Perspective on Bipolar Disorder

Manoj Pavithran

This paper is an attempt to use the lens of the Integral Psychology of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother to gain new insights into the nature of the bipolar disorder, a common mental health issue that affects nearly 1-2% of the global population. Bipolar disorder can be seen as a disequilibrium of the vital being, causing an inflated or deflated self-image, bringing with it extreme mood-swings between hyperactivity and depression. While an inflated ego of the central vital contributes to hyperactivity, the depressive periods show the presence of a deflated emotional being, which is more like a wounded child even when chronologically the person is an adult. Read more...


Archetypal Psychology

Lopa Mukherjee

Archetypal Psychology is a field of psychology that was born in the early 1970s, formulated by the psychologist, James Hillman. It treats the soul, or the innermost haloed entity in a person, as the primary object of attention. This new psychology is in contrast to older psycho-analytical methods where the subconscious is treated as the primary source of information. In Archetypal Psychology, fantasising, mythologizing, embodying archetypes, weaving soul-stories, personifying, sensing the aliveness of everything animate and inanimate are ways of healing oneself. Archetypal Psychology considers psychological pathologies as messages coming from the soul that we need to pour into and not get rid of, with superficial cures. This article introduces Archetypal Psychology and gives a glimpse of its refreshing worldview. Read more...


The Evolutionary Leap

Dr. Alok Pandey

The last couple of centuries have been centuries of turmoil and revolutions, wars of an unimaginable magnitude and scale. At the same time, especially the previous century has seen the emergence of powerful ideas and significant discoveries that have the potential to destroy or rebuild the world. All this, from the spiritual as well as the evolutionary perspective, can be seen as the signs of a new emergence. This article explores this possibility of conscious evolution. Read more...

The body

To Touch Matter

Arul Dev

This article is about making a tiny conscious exploration into one aspect, that we see explored by both Mother and Sri Aurobindo, — to touch matter in the very substance of our body at the realm of the physical or the subtle physical. To make this exploration we will take a few quotes from Mother’s Agenda and Mother’s Log. We will do this exploration in a very concrete and tangible way. Read more...


Going Beyond Desire and Aversion

James Anderson


Sooner rather than later, desire and aversion must be addressed if one is on any path of growth. In Integral Yoga, they cannot be tackled in isolation, but only within context of the whole. Desire and aversion are two parts of the same thing. This article is written especially for those in the process of developing their practice in Integral Yoga. It explores ways of short-circuiting the onset of desire in the first place. It looks at ways of transforming its vibration the divine counterpart, which is aspiration. Read more...

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