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NAMAH is a pioneer, peer-reviewed, internationally indexed body, mind and spirit journal with an integral vision looking at the influence of the spirit or soul in psychology and health.

Think it over

The habit of happiness

Dian Huff Kiser


Are human beings capable of developing or increasing happiness? Do we possess the ability to create our happiness from divinely endowed inner resources? This article examines the animal aspect of the fear-flight instinct as it evolves into humanity’s conscious potential to chart a path to happiness and greater connectivity between mind and soul. Happiness need not be elusive. Even very simple steps such as smiling, laughing and being optimistic can promote inner and outer happiness. There are many habits human beings acknowledge can be developed — eating, sleeping, exercising. Happiness is one that can be most positive and life-enhancing. Read more...

The body

Surrender Each Moment

Arul Dev

Love and only Love, above all, has the capacity to surrender. Even human love which is conditional can accelerate and release all the bonds of our littleness. The aim of surrender is a love for the Divine, an aspiration to unite with the Divine and to find Delight in the Divine doing the sādhanā within us and through us in the world. It is a dynamic path where we wholeheartedly engage with for the entirety of our life, work and relationships and offer it all to our beloved Divine. We deeply aspire for the Divine to be very ‘near us’, in each moment. We deeply aspire that the Divine graces Their presence and qualities in us and others, within our works and in the world. Read more...


Preparing and Opening the Being to the Higher Force

Dr. Monica Gulati

For a long period of time, we try to find temporary resolutions and harmonies in our life, through the tool of a half-lit ordinary mind and reason. And it does serve a purpose to our growth and understanding. But after we have been long enough in the domain of this logical-analytical mind, and after we have tried at infinite instances to find resolutions, no matter how decent or worthy, on the same level, something still feels limited, and amiss. It seems like that is the time when one can rise above the conceptual, dualistic mind, and access the calm, peace and higher Force of Consciousness above the mind. It is at such a stage that an aspiration from below rises upwards and stations the consciousness above the physical mind which is still stable, like an open, ready receptacle. Read more...


What Resonates with You?

James Anderson

What we resonate with is a reflection of our inner condition. We must develop and bring forward the ‘inner’ sides of our instrumental nature before we can resonate more truly and onto a higher frequency. With the richness of the Inner Being, residing between the Outer Being and the Soul-space, beauty will come back to us. Read more...


Sri Aurobindo’s Prevision of a Greater Psychology

Dr. Soumitra Basu

Psychology is the study of consciousness and its operations in Nature. Consciousness is the creative force of existence that is the inmost reality of everything (the poise of the Self or soul) and the Conscious-Force that builds the worlds. The soul-status shifts when one goes from the lower Nature to the Higher Nature, free from the ego. Psychology may begin as a natural science but deals with the supraphysical and ends with a metaphysical enquiry. Read more...

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