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NAMAH is a pioneer, peer-reviewed, internationally indexed body, mind and spirit journal with an integral vision looking at the influence of the spirit or soul in psychology and health.

The body

Physical Education

The Mother

Mental Health

Of all the domains of human consciousness, the physical is the one most completely governed by method, order, discipline, process. The lack of plasticity and receptivity in matter has to be replaced by a detailed organisation that is both precise and comprehensive. In this organisation, one must not forget the interdependence and interpenetration of all the domains of the being. However, even a mental or vital impulse, to express itself physically, must submit to an exact process. Read more...


The post-Covid world

Dr. Alok Pandey

As the world reels under yet another ‘mass hysteria’ and panic, it is time to look within and reflect and ask ourselves which road are we have taken and where it will lead us as a civilisation, as a conscious and thinking humanity. As the dust begins to settle, it is time to take stock and re-orient ourselves by looking deeper into the causes and the effects, not only of the ‘pandemic’ but also of our response to it. Read more...

Consciousness and health

Your atmosphere is contagious

James Anderson

Whatever we harbour inside will always exude outside. It is our responsibility to develop a progressive atmosphere. The vibrations we hold are contagious and have a profound bearing on the surrounding social health. We have to work inside if we intend to purify our atmosphere outside. Read more...


Process-based psychotherapy

Dr. Christian A. Latino

The science of psychology has a renewed interest in human subjectivity and mental health — termed as process-based interventions — due to increasing recognition of shortcomings with its current materialistic model. This article provides a critique of the materialistic approach, a look at current and past understanding of process in psychotherapy and further elucidates what process actually is, along with providing examples of approaches for psychotherapy. Read more...

Consciousness and health

Realms of the evolution of consciousness

Dr. Geeta Kumar

Evolution is the journey of transformation. It deals with the concepts around change, development, growth, progress. Every object, context and being are in a constant state of change in the world, bound by time and space. This article attempts to describe evolution as it occurs in the world of matter and mind, the macro and the micro. The source of the framework used in this article has been adapted from Sri Aurobindo’s theory and philosophy on evolution. Read more...

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