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NAMAH is a pioneer, peer-reviewed, internationally indexed body, mind and spirit journal with an integral vision looking at the influence of the spirit or soul in psychology and health.

Notes on counselling

Freedom of choice

Dr. Soumitra Basu

A consciousness-based counselling approach provides a flexibility to the therapist to facilitate a growth in consciousness. One innovative approach is to offer a freedom of choice at an optimal point in therapy so that the client can choose from alternatives. This phenomenon is simultaneously therapeutically effective and increases compliance. Read more...


Evolution Next XIV: An unprecedented time

Dr. Alok Pandey

We have entered a new age of human evolution, the Age of Truth. What we are witnessing increasingly is the action of Truth upon the world and humanity. It is slowly, but with an increasing force, chipping off the dark or bright envelopes into which we had hidden ourselves. The result is an initial confusion, a loss of what we had called ourselves. Exposed and bare, it is time for us to re-look at ourselves and search for the lost Truth that dwells within us.Read more...

The inner approach to health

The yearning for freedom

James Anderson

The yearning for freedom can only be truly satisfied by the soul. However the integral way presents unique challenges as the whole nature needs to be liberated. Freedom lies in the divine consciousness. First, by constant remembrance, and second, by inner work, the individual nature can be liberated from the restrictions that currently enslave it. The author shares his impressions and experiences. Read more...

The Body

Inner transformation and the physical resistance

The Mother

Mental Health

The force that comes down into one who is doing Yoga and helps him in his transformation, acts along many different lines and its results vary according to the nature that receives it and the work to be done. First of all, it hastens the transformation of all in the being that is ready to be transformed. Read more...

Mental Health

Anxiety in ontological terms

Dr. Soumitra Basu

The term ‘anxiety’ and its concept seems to be no less anxiety-provoking than the clinical states we associate with anxiety. We are still undecided if we should consider anxiety in a dimensional or categorical perspective for the truth may be somewhere in between. Read more...

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