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NAMAH is a pioneer, peer-reviewed, internationally indexed body, mind and spirit journal with an integral vision looking at the influence of the spirit or soul in psychology and health.


Evolution Next — VIII

Evolution is the most happening event in the world. It is the oldest script of life as well as the most recent. But with the coming of the human being, evolution has taken a different sense. It is possible now to evolve consciously, to do our acts more purposefully and live meaningfully. These are some of the issues being touched as we move through the winding pathways of the human evolutionary journey. Read more...

Integral health

Integral healing — a personal perspective

Dr. Debabrata Sahani

Healing is not just a phenomenon confined to physician, patient and hospitals. Rather, it is an experiential reality of our very existence where survival and growth is always associated with injury and imbalance. This article explores few practical means which can be a part of our daily life. An attempt is made here to create a synthesis of different approaches of therapy to address multiple dimensions in our being, so that instead of a blind mix it becomes a conscious symphony. Above all, it invites the reader to start the journey towards health and harmony — right now. Read more...


Dying every single day

Mira Prabhu

Mental Health

What’s the one thing we humans can never ever get back? Yes, it is time, precious time. To bring this awareness sharply to mind, Buddhists teach a simple three-point meditation on the inevitability of death: 1) that death is certain; 2) that the time of death is uncertain; and 3) that when we die, we can take nothing with us but our state of consciousness. Practising this analytical meditation regularly can work wonders in leading us to liberation. It also gets rid of the endless crud clogging our spiritual arteries — so we can focus on our greatest passions instead of a thousand-and-one paltry affairs that won’t matter a whit as we approach the final curtain on this lifetime.. Read more...


The ever-present encounter with the soul — infirmities challenges and end of life

My experiences at Desirée

Dorathea Thompson

Through a series of actual one-to-one encounters with infirm ashramites at Desirée, a Sri Aurobindo home for elderly ashramites at Pondicherry, India, a psychoanalyst shares her experiences, observations and reflections and the delight, grace and healing power of a soul-guided approach to human caring, both for herself as caregiver and the individuals she is attempting to serve. Read more...

Practice of medicine

Patients and the art and science of healing

Ashok Kumar Bhatia

Besides managing their bodily afflictions, patients have to confront the cold impersonality and crass commercialisation of the healthcare delivery mechanism. New advances in the realm of medicine do give hope but these are mostly futuristic in nature. Besides medicine, exercise and food, the real succour available to patients is in the form of an inner connection with the soul, faith, sincere prayer, a sunnier disposition and some service to those who happen to be less fortunate than them. Read more...

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